Citroën Traction Avant 11 BL (1954): Enviously beautiful. 

Citroën Traction Avant 11 BL (1954)

Few cars were built in the last century that had as much character as the Citroën Traction Avant. With this Citroën also came the definitive breakthrough of front-wheel drive. Over time he appeared in various versions. Maybe that's why quite a few have been preserved and luckily you will come across several in the summer months.

By Dirk de Jong

In the 'birth certificate' of this beautiful and lovable Citroën states that it was registered in the Netherlands in 1974. We are now 47 years later. In the showroom of Lijzenga in Damwoude, this idiosyncratic, beautiful, special car evokes a certain feeling. Is it because of appearance or maybe because of memories? Some classics drift from memory, but come back quickly when, as in this case, you come face to face with this enviously beautiful Citroën Traction Avant.

You rarely see as beautiful as this 89-DV-52, it has clearly been well taken care of. If you look at the details such as the special extra vent window, the proof of membership on the grille, you can see that the car has been pampered.

Discovery ...

You can discover something about your classic hobby at any time. A look at this well-stocked one proves that Citroënshowroom. An enthusiast always scrutinizes his eyes, and sometimes that longing to own a classic comes spontaneously. They are much nicer and more fun. But the reality is also that desires often remain desires. And that's no problem. We can also enjoy it when someone else owns the car and gives us the opportunity to reflect on it for a moment.

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  1. REMAINS A FANTASY BRAND, even now with the new models !!!!
    I had a 21 D Super5 from “72 …… was 17 years old, and a few months later I drove proudly with a driver's license. Petrol for a student unaffordable….

  2. If the DS rolled off the line a year (!) After the TA, I can only widen my eyes in amazement. Which starts to hurt. Citroën has helped develop the identity of French life and I can't get enough of their beauty through photos and drawings. It's like The Beatles: if they had "only" performed half, we would have been very impressed. In fantasy Sjef Van Oekel comes to pick me up with a black TA: “I had to go to France almost by you and as a Belgian you can speak a fair bit of French”. Not so, but after some 'vin' with 'pain' and 'boursin' that won't be a problem anymore. "I'm not gonna be good!"

    • The TA was produced for 23 years from 1934. It is only natural that the DS is so different from the TA.
      It would be the same to compare a new model from 2021 with one from 1995

  3. Good that you are writing this Olaf, you just beat me. There are many traction owners who do not know this story, let alone the book that tells what he set records before he Citroen got to know, 100.00 km with a Rosengart in 1930 and in 1937 he continued with endurance rides, what a man, what a car !.

  4. Together with the Peugeot 203 and the Renault 4CV, they should not be missing in my imaginary car museum. What original beautiful models. Fortunately, they are in my real Dinky Toys collection.

  5. Personally, I think this car is too dated… Barely one year later (in 1955) the Citroën DS presented at the Paris Motor Show. A world of difference when you compare both cars! While the DS still carries the line of a modern car, the TA comes across as totally dated and is more reminiscent of a car that was designed in the XNUMXs ... Give me a car that has somewhat modern lines ...

    • @Dirk. In terms of years, maybe get some extra information. The fact that the TA is reminiscent of the 30s makes perfect sense.

  6. De Citroën 11CV has a world record to its name that has never been broken since 1936: a distance of 400.000 kilometers in one year, which is an average of more than 1100 kilometers a day, seven days a week.

    The man who did this was Francois Lecot, a restaurateur from the Saint-Étienne area and it was a bet, which consisted of driving from his hometown Rochetaillée to Monaco and back in even days (1080 km), and from Rochetaillée to Paris. and back on odd days (1120 km), seven days a week. The Citroën was an ordinary 11CV Légère and all maintenance was paid for by Citroën. The fuel and living expenses were paid for by the newspaper Le Matin and the whole was under the control of the French Automobile Club.

    De Citroën got the normal factory maintenance, no more, no less. Twenty times the oil was changed. 47 tires were worn or punctured, the brake shoes were replaced three times and the carbon brushes in the alternator were replaced five times, but the car did not cause any malfunctions.

    Lecot got a growing audience, in the end there were always people waving along the Route Nationale or throwing him treats. On his rides he took letters and parcels with him, which he stamped his own. He always brought fresh flowers from Monaco to Paris.

    On June 24, 1936, Fracois Lecot drove his car for the last time in front of the Le Matin office. He had driven 400.400 kilometers in 364 days, no one could ever copy him. On the winding and narrow roads of the time, it meant he had no more than four hours of sleep per day for a year. Despite this, he never fell asleep and suffered no damage.

    Still, his military test papers said, "Has been found unfit to drive a motor vehicle."

  7. We had a Traction Avant as a wedding car. I will never forget that we drove to the hospital after the reception because my father was there. And along the Zuid Willemsvaart that traction came to a standstill. Did nothing anymore so we had to hitchhike in our wedding clothes. The first car stopped immediately, but it had to go to Utrecht and therefore dropped us off at the driveway with the announcement that we would immediately get a lift again. Unfortunately, no one believed it was real, so we arrived at the hospital just before visiting time and were fortunately allowed to drive back with an uncle.

  8. I've always thought I don't need TA. It was too much “before my time”. But for a number of years now I have found the TA increasingly desirable. Especially a little one. Nice chugging through France if the weather is possible, cigar in the ashtray, éminence with gray hair, as carefree as Monsieur le Notaire on the way to the winegrower …… .. Anyway, now to reality. I already have enough hobby cars and I am not a notary (€). I haven't smoked for a number of years either. I am now Eminence Grise. On the way to the winery too.
    Reason's conclusion: don't let me do it. Watching it is also enjoying.

  9. A real gangstercitroen. Now 4 gangsters in it with 30s suits, hats and tommy guns and the music 'the mooche' by Duke Ellington in the background and the picture is complete.
    In short, a beautiful oldtimer.

  10. It is the last beautiful model of it Citroen . I don't like the successor, the DS and ID and other models, except for the 2CV, which is also beautiful

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