Choice stress in the May weekend


In the first weekend of May there is a lot to do in the car area. In the Netherlands, the Tulpenrallye starts on Sunday 5 in May. In England that is the first long weekend in May where people are free on Mondays because it is a bank holiday. That is why a lot is organized in England that weekend. You get choice stress from that.

Friday 3 May to Sunday 5 May you can go to the Donington circuit. The Donington historic festival is held there. You can find all information on You can also visit the Brooklands museum on Saturday 4 May. That day the so-called Italian car day takes place. A great spectacle that also partly takes place on the grounds of Mercedes-Benz World. For more information, go to There is still more to do. On the extra day off, Monday 6 May, the Jaguar drivers club will go to the Goodwood circuit. Then the XK track day will take place there. For more information, visit the Jaguar Drivers club website  Last year we were stupid by chance and thanks to Richard Skipworth we had access to the pit lane. Look for pictures from last year at  

Text and photo Jacques van den Bergh

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