If you have been in this world for a little longer than a few days, will you still remember the Čezeta scooter? If not, then that's fine, because the Vespa, possibly the Heinkel, maybe the Lambretta, that was what it was in the fifties and sixties.


Čezeta, part of Česká Zbrojovka Strakonice (ČZ) was a motorcycle factory founded in 1935 in what was then Czechoslovakia. The scooter, which appeared on the market in 1957, did have a special, torpedo-like design and was especially long. At least two meters if we estimate it carefully. Available as Type 501, 502 and 505. The 501 type was the first model. If all the aforementioned scooters were still to be kicked in, with the 501 you turned on the ignition, pushed a button and 'reng deng deng ', there the 175 cm3 measuring two-stroke engine started to make a noise. And smoke. Not surprising, in 1964 the curtain fell.


A Čezeta scooter is today a pretty rare appearance. Is that another advantage? That might soon change, because almost half a century later - we are talking about 2012 - a prototype suddenly appeared on the horizon. The 506. In terms of design almost identical with its predecessors, but technically completely different. Instead of an indestructible two-stroke gasoline engine, now equipped with an electric motor incorporated in the rear wheel ... powered by an impressive lithium-ion battery. Charging takes almost 5 hours. The 506 has been hand-built since June 2013 by a new company created by European Union funds. Čezeta Motors sro can also deliver you such a retro machine from (!) A whopping 9.000 euro ...

Photo: The Čezeta 501 in 1957 at the Amsterdam motorcycle fair

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