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    International Tulpenrallye - on the tube

    The Tulip Rally is the event during the winter season that many fans of classic rallies look forward to and work on during long key evenings. Without wanting to hurt anyone who will ride along; it is a slightly different animal compared to the past. The classic party of today used to be a fight of almost life to death among the best riders of their time. And the great thing is that there is a surprising amount on the internet. Take the beautiful Polygoon video from 1969 in which Rob Slotemaker takes on Belgian opposition during the final circuit test More

  • CanAm


    In the middle of a Formula 1 season that is still delivering on the promises, it is easy to forget that more is happening on the circuits than just races in the premier division. Sports car racing for example. As far as I am concerned, this is a class that, wrongly, does not receive the appreciation it deserves from the general public. Especially if you know its history. One of the nicest chapters is called CanAm More

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    Blood Sweat and tears

    The time has come again. Now that the temperatures are steadily falling, we are again thinking of restoring. Sanding, blasting and finally spraying. For those who may need a next restoration More

  • The Team, a Season with McLaren

    The Team, a season with McLaren

    For years he stood in the cupboard next to the video recorder. The band with the beautiful documentary series The Team, a season with McLaren from the BBC. Often watched, but as with video tapes; the quality is declining and after two relocations the video recorder More