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    AWO 425s in the Netherlands. How many are there?

    AWOs. We talked about it a while ago in this column. For people who missed that: Scroll back to September 25th. Then you may suddenly see what you have had in your shed for years: A real imitation BMW. That September message resulted in the question from Daniel how many AWO 425 's […] More

  • Swallow

    Rob is looking for a Swallow

    Rob van Pernis organizes the Jaguar Daimler Club Holland competition. And that has now grown into a serious 'event', a day full of beautiful cars and friendly people. This year, a historic line-up has been planned for that holiday and that line-up also includes a Wolseley or FIAT with Swallow bodywork. And […] More

  • jaguar, Daimler

    Wanted for the line up: A Wolseley Hornet and a Lanchester

    Wanted. And not if that program called for detection. AMKlezer Rob van Pernis is the organizer of the Jaguar Daimler Club Holland concours d'elegance. Thanks to a completely watertight script and a perfect organization, that competition has grown into an impressive party. Wanted for the line up The Jaguar Daimler Club Holland […] More

  • What kind of tank is this?

    What kind of tank is this? Wanted: A fuel cap

    And what kind of fuel cap goes on? That question is asked because apparently it is not a Guzzitank. That is not really necessary, because it comes on a machine that is at best very classic, and certainly not purebred: A budget tribute to the British twins with rigid rear frames from around WWII. If […] More

  • Pierburg carburetor, audi 100

    Revision kit for a Pierburg carburetor wanted

    Driving something fairly rare is a pleasure. Owning a beautiful Audi 100 with the quite rare 1900 cc five-cylinder carburettor block is a real treat. But it would be even better if someone knew a revision set for the Pierburg carburettor - or a good carburettor - for such a head start by technology. If […] More

  • wanted black cross key space

    Looking for key space ... For the Black Cross

    AMK reader Patrick Roes and his friends want to and can participate next year in the now almost world-famous Zwarte Cross. They come from the Zwarte Cross region, so they actually play a home game. But unfortunately they have lost their key and workspace. And it turns out even on The Overkant van de IJssel […] More

  • Bell Peugeot 504

    A fringe on a restoration story

    AMK reader Joop Esselbrugge is the proud owner of a Peugeot 504 convertible from 1970. And that car is ZGAN again. But not completely finished yet. Because Joop is looking for another Jeager clock More

  • Stolen...

    A stolen Norton

    A stolen Norton. To conclude with a positive sound: the thief has an extremely good taste. The owner is waiting for your responses More

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