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    Classic trucks: a niche market

    Classic trucks are also pure nostalgia. But they have their limitations. Things are difficult to store and not very deployable. And there are not many left. Like the Greek donkeys, they had to work too long and too hard for too little food. More

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    Mack JR. From project to perfect for Jan Land

    What stimulated Jan Land from Leek in Groningen to invest nearly ten years of time, money and energy in a very 'tired' Mack JR from America? We are still looking for an explanation for why he started this unique project so passionately. By: Dirk de Jong It all started in 1994 when the […] More

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    Special (invention): Bedford QLD

    When the British army came to the Continent during the war years, it used, among other things, the Bedford QLD truck, a three-ton truck. A powerhouse that had drive on all four wheels. Older readers will remember that very well. If you study the picture and then look at the front wheel hub, […] More