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    Hotchkiss M201: Jeeps from France

    In the context of the liberation, now 75 years ago, we have a very interesting Jeep story in the planning. But there are also less interesting Jeeps. At least. They were until recently. They were seen as 'not real'. Still, the Hotchkiss Jeeps were and are quite real. More

  • Morris Ital

    Morris Ital. Maligned and forgotten.

    It was overcast that day with a lot of showers, uncle Arie won a roulade at the bingo in the evening and Henk Wijngaard's Container song rose to number 17 in the top 40. Probably more people can remember that better than the introduction of the Morris Ital on the same Tuesday, 1 July 1980. But we have not forgotten him. More

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    Ford 17M / Ford 20M P7a. Not loved. Still successful.

    Ford's larger “M” class makes its debut in updated trim. In a technical sense, the P7a shares the necessary characteristics with its successful predecessor “Taunus P5”. However, it gets a completely new monocoque body. And that housing ensures that the first P7 generation never generates the popularity it deserves More

  • Tatras 1947

    Tatras. A murder wagon

    During WWII the Germans confiscated everything in the process. In addition, 'our bicycles' only came into play at a late stage. But in Czechoslovakia, the Germans found the Tatras with their air-cooled V8 blocks in the stern. More

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    BSA Sunbeam and Triumph Tigress. A grumpy kitten

    Scooters were conceived as gender-neutral means of mass transport. Many Italian advertisements therefore featured beautiful young ladies. But there were also members of the standing-urinating kind who were scooterists. Rob Bakker and his fiancé, for example, went to Spain on a scooter. More

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    'I'm leaving for France and taking with me…'

    In France it is not only often very difficult with real estate transactions. The introduction of a (classic) car or young timer can also lead to surprises. The theoretical 'just overwriting' from one European license plate to another is the dream solution. More

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    Half a motor, better than an empty cap

    It is often grumbled that 'nobody is doing anything anymore'. As with a lot of grumbling, this is not too bad. But some really 'do' a lot more than others. Harm Schrage is such a person. We came into contact with him through the fanfare. This is what he did. In his own words: More

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    Holidays 150 km from home

    A holiday in 2020 was something special. With all the corona jitters, everything has run into a heap. And there were some other priorities than holidays. But now it is approaching autumn, the weather remains nice and in terms of Covid panic, the highest waves have already dropped a bit. A short holiday close by So […] More

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    Universals. Passion for technology. And the future

    Recently we were in Zaandam for a job. Afterwards we passed a garage where a few classics were behind glass on the first floor. We put the car safely under a parking prohibition sign, walked gently past some electric Randstad cars and entered Autovink, a real, classic universal garage with an eye […] More

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