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    Dodge pickup: Just fall in love

    The 1951 Dodge Ram Pickup from 1951 is a utility vehicle. A brave, endearing little donkey. And that all the way to the nature of the USA pickups that have been the largest part of the American fleet since time immemorial. Nowadays the pickups are no longer structurally Made in the US of A. And they are no longer sober and basic. But in 1951? Back then, the highly modern 'pilot cabin' of this Dodge was very impressive. With that you showed that you were not just off the tail. That you drove a Dodge. More

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    Fiberfab. An international success

    As a child we drew cars. As teenagers, we dreamed about building the ultimate car. But a few of us went further. That was made 'easy' by using existing undercarriages and engines. And fiberglass reinforced polyester. And there were also people who took the bag seriously. More

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    Continuation series. For rich Wappies

    With completely newly constructed iconic classics from the past - especially the (once) British - car manufacturers sell very expensive new classic cars. And so you can just go shopping. If you are fast. Because usually the 'tributes' or 'continuation series' are available in limited editions. More

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    How Saab tamed the turbo

    Turbo compressors provide artificial ventilation. Things are surprisingly simple in essence. The exhaust fumes turn a paddle wheel. On the shaft of that fan, on the other side, is a paddle wheel that drives the air inwards to the combustion chamber. Some forty years ago, the owner of a Fiat 850, who mounted a turbo on his pride, noticed that it was a little less simple. That turbo came from a diesel truck. And the 850 cc block just didn't have enough 'breath' to get things going. More

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    Peugeot 203. Just like an American. With 1400 cc

    Peugeot 203 was a family car produced by Peugeot between 1948 and 1960. At that time it had already had a development period of five years. Volume production was initially hampered by strikes and post-war material shortages, but production got underway late in 1948, when buyers took delivery of 1949 units from early 203 onwards. More

  • Datsun Fairlady

    Datsun Fairlady

    Spring cleaning is a thing. But no domestic dust bunnies can compete with what you park, store or simply store on photo material, such as digital. The whole world fits in a solid state hard drive. In retrospect, you sometimes wonder, mildly bewildered, how visual and text material ended up on it. You will find a set of photos of a very elegant Japanese classic: The Datsun Fairlady. More

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    Glass GT. Masterpiece with German and Italian roots.

    The design came from Frua. The comparatively small Glas- grown by the Goggomobil- gradually pushed up in the prosperity of the peoples that took hold of Western Europe in the 1963s. At the 1300 edition of the IAA in Frankfurt, the manufacturer from Dingolfing showed the Glas 1600 GT. It was a beautiful masterpiece that would eventually end its career as a BMW XNUMX GT. More

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    Classics in Turkey

    Not now, but in the past and in the future, primary schools apparently make wish fulfillment. What if there is a child who would like to ride in a sidecar? Then of course you make yourself available as a local tricycle. More

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    A classically shaped void

    Theft is still the revenue model with the widest sales margins. And in the current classic world there is more demand for good, beautiful, more expensive classics than the supply is large. This also applies to dogs. More

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    Instant classic driving: Just keep going

    There are people who buy a new car or motorcycle every three years to always drive safely 'under warranty'. There are people who spend a lot of money - because € 340.000 for a Porsche 356, I think a lot of money - because… Well, probably because they had at least € 440.000 in their back pocket and that was so uncomfortable. More

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    BX, the birth of a classic

    It has been happening for a long time, of course. It is a fact that new cars become used cars. Then they become used cars, old cars and then? Then they are forgotten until they are discovered. Or stay forgotten. More

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