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    A rare classic. However?

    There are enthusiasts, clubs and specialists for most brands and types. That hasn't always been the case. Because once you had to be at the Vehikel to find a set of exhausts for a CB 750 K2 after a day of digging through boxes under a trestle table. For 100 guilders. For the whole set. There was also an air box somewhere for a CB750 K0 and a set of cable operated carburettors. When purchasing the four carburettors, the metallic red air filter housing was included for free. Because parts for old Japs? The only thing that was obvious about them was that they weren't worth anything. More

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    To govern is to look ahead… The holidays

    Ai… That might not be such a good example. Other than: Too early to talk about the holidays? It never is. Holidays usually overwhelm you. Possibly also because you have been knocked down because the pepernoten, speculaas and marzipan have been on the shelves of the always stunting supermarkets since September. The feeling of mild despair when you have to score presents or present wish lists just before Sinterklaas, Christmas or any other holiday of what ethnic background? People have perished on that. More

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    2 resumes and stuff. What the crazy…

    … gives for it. Everything is relative. And in our playground all prices are asking prices. In addition: as an enterprising provider once said: “to ask for little money is cowardly”. But the trend is that the current asking prices, and more than some final prices, are quite serious amounts. More

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    Reading is fun – Mercedes-Benz 320A

    Phillip Kerr was born in 1956 and has since died of cancer. He was the creator of 12 Bernie Gunther books. They take place between the XNUMXs and the XNUMXs. In Germany from the beginning of the Third Reich to the post-war event, with many ex-Nazis simply reintegrating into society and/or into […] More

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    Volvo 164. Noble six-cylinder, flagship from Sweden.

    In 1958 Volvo said goodbye to the six-cylinder era in the passenger car division for a period of 10 years. The 'PV 831-PV 834' series was then taken out of production. It then took a decade for the Swedes to put a new six-cylinder model into production. Volvo returned to the ranks of the European large motorized cars. And […] More

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    Norton Wankel, the air-cooled

    Modern people have been thinking about a software system with that name for a generation+. But before that, way before that, Norton was a renowned motorcycle brand, 'the unaproachable' on tracks. The unapproachable. Later it became a somewhat convulsive brand that made rather unreliable 500 cc command blocks based on the ancient 850 cc principles. Part of the unreliability was also due to an old and tired machine park and staff who saw periods of work as annoying interruptions to the strike. More

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    Dreams and dropshippers

    You dream in bed. However? Because where else would you find a great 2CV Sahara for € 7.500? Well: on the internet. And somewhere there is bound to be a loser who has already transferred that amount with the promise of the mega-duck seller that the car would be delivered to his home prepaid. NOT! The last Sahara we saw was put on the market with “Bid from € 120.000”. That's just such a strange amount, but it comes closer to the madness that is currently called 'De Markt'. More

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    Even more sportswear for a civilian: VW Overdevest (?)

    The June issue of AMK – the kiosks are open again, but of course you can also take out a dirt cheap subscription – contains the heart-warming story about the Martaré Sportscar. That is a VW Beetle chassis in athletic outfit. He manly pretends to be a cousin of the Ford GT40. But that's just the plastic side of the story. More

  • ASA 1000 GT
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    ASA 1000 GT. Artwork by Italian grand masters.

    For a long, very long time, Enzo Ferrari argued that a number of twelve cylinders was the minimum standard for the cars that could bear his name. Still, the Italian car grandmaster revised his starting point. Ferrari wanted to generate a stable revenue stream to support its core business on a permanent basis. Ferrari was looking for additional finances for the racing activities of the Italians. It forced the Italians to develop a car with a smaller displacement. That step was the precursor for the ASA brand, which existed from 1962 to 1967. More

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    Tours in Arnhem and Chisinau and other places

    Mihai Cecan from Chisinau, Moldova is one of the few well-educated young men who have not left the country to find a better future elsewhere. Moldova and most other ex-Soviet Republics are sub-optimal for building a future. Even as close as in the civilized Czech Republic, someone can do well if he takes € 800 a month. The citizens are friendly and hospitable. On the left and especially on the right there is a tendency for nationalism as we do not know it. More

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    Burton. Classic or not?

    In the Netherlands you have the precise and the flexible. Of course this has a religious background, but it works 'wall-to-wall' here. There are people who genuinely believe that only cars with a separate chassis are 'classic'. There are people who happily and proudly see their almost brand new muddy Mini Countryman as a classic Mini. More

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