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    Exhaust systems. Quality comes at a price

    Exhaust gases leave the engine under high pressure and expand enormously immediately after leaving the combustion chambers. The explosion of the gas mixture and the expansion of the exhaust gases leaving the block create the noise, the sound or the 'sound'. The most common intention is to reduce this noise to something that children and dogs do not flee from. More

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    Two strokes: Power from the exhaust

    Dream away from an exhaust system. How romantic can it get? Although: you are talking about a piece of traditional craftsmanship with a very serious batch of calculations behind it. About a sculpture in perfectly modeled, spotlessly welded thin-walled plate. About one of the most important parts of a two-stroke engine where the interplay of the exhaust elbow and the expansion chamber perform the actual function of the intake and exhaust valves in a four-stroke. More

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    Chain maintenance 1.0

    Chains. Indispensable wear parts that require maintenance. In the past, when not everything was better, but it was nice and clear, cleaning and lubrication - chain maintenance - of the secondary chain was quite a ritual. More

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    Attention BMW drivers!

    During a visit - by car, because the back road from Dieren to Genemuiden on a classic sidecar with 23 Russian horsepower was just too long a ride - to score some used parts at our Ural / Dnepr / M72 royal supplier was discussed this autumn. Russian sidecar combinations are now recognized wind and weather-defying classics. But […] More

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    Renault Dauphine. Tested ...

    Church fellowships are often endearing. Members of a municipality bring in things and sell them for a good cause. They usually do that for butter-soft prices. If there is such a phenomenon, then you have to act quickly. Otherwise you will be faced with a clever crowd of professional buyers from the flea & lifestyle corner who immediately after […] More

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    Winter time, key time

    Okay, it's not winter yet, but summer has passed its peak. And that is the time to stop dreaming and what to do. In recent years, we have seen a trend that buyers of classics have the luxury to go for convenience. More

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    Powder coating and blasting

    We were doing a job with a very friendly technology enthusiast and saw a track bike with a striking silver frame color. The paint had a hard, smooth and deep gloss. Our host Bart Verstijnen turned out to be the man behind Custom Coatings Helvoirt and was just as passionate about his work […] More

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    Brake fluid and brake hoses

    Classic motorbikes and cars also have brakes. And that compared to their current offspring they are often endearing rather than effective? Ah: it used to be different times. It was less busy. The motorcycles and cars were not as fast. And the technology has not stood still. More

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