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    Hans's lender

    Recently we wondered what we, from classic circles, thought that the technically excellent, generously patina-provided 2CV borrowed from Hans should yield. After the sale, Hans is not without ducks yet. And he has his eye on a fresh project yet again. But he still doubts. Because then he has one duck too many. Sea

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    DAF 33 – Not verkeerd afgelopen

    And there is a DAFJE 33 in work clothes around the corner. It looks built in by tall grass what'verkeerd afgelopen' from. Inquiring with the friendly car cleaner learned otherwise. The Dafje has not been forgotten, nor is it for sale. It's from scooter specialist Welbie. And the company car is about to be rescued. On the same alternative route through my own hometown, I saw three more classics that apparently required a lot of overdue maintenance. Sea

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    Classics in Canada – Message from Bas

    And through our Canadian friend Bas van der Hoek you will hear about John Anthony MacGregor, Citroëns own Prophet in Canada. Somewhere in the story there is also the set of aluminum rims that Bas scored for his CX and for which he had to have special wheel bolts. That worked. The local parts supply of classic Citroëns is apparently well done within the Canadian enthusiast circles. Sea

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    Classics: affordable and sustainable

    Now we can all continue to grumble that the classic world has been held hostage by wealthy, opportunistic neoliberals. But yes: if, for example, you suddenly scored 9.000.000 on a deal with some masks, then you have to do something. Because putting it on the couch doesn't help. Then with some bad luck you even get into it. So that's why classics are priceless and kept in acclimated safes. According to the stories… Sea

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    AC Cobra. A kind of…

    Cobras are not an endangered species. It is full of them. For many people, such a Cobra is the ultimate sports car just because of its looks. And for the original copies with V8 blocks, amounts are now ticked off with seven digits. Sea

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    Classic Prizes: Go where the money is

    The most impressive nonsense wisdom I ever heard: 'Money is the most important thing in the world. That is why it is also called money. ' And in trade it is about 'money'. That idea rages some thinkers 1.0. Sea

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    Austin 8… belonged to an old lady

    The Austin 8 is a small car produced by Austin between 1939 and 1948. Sometimes finds are simply unlikely. In Drempt we found an Austin 8 that is by no means flawless, but it is enchantingly beautiful. In addition, the Austin has a fantastic, almost entirely documented history. Sea

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    Great convertible again!

    In recent weeks, 50 shades of gray have prevailed outside. It rained. For days. It was not really cold, but uncomfortably wet. Now it is cold. Wet snow is expected. It looks like it will stay that way for a while. In short: great weather to buy a convertible or let it be a convertible. Sea

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    Chevrolet Nova: Memories

    It was 1990, and an acquaintance of a friend of a colleague was building a 650 hp Chevy Malibu. The costs of that project got out of hand. That's why his Nova had to go. Shortly afterwards, the Malibu project also had to go. Because the brave Willie Wortel who worked in the field, put so much working time into his project that his employer gave him much more time for it. He became unemployed. Sea

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    Motorcycling does not die out!

    Nowadays if you see a motorcyclist under thirty, it is a student on a 1 in 40 running 125 cc or someone who is with his parents. The average motorcycle buyer is about 55. We classic enthusiasts usually have a few extra ticks on the counter. Of course we are not 'old' or […] Sea

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    SS Party!

    SS Cars is the progenitor of the respected and esteemed Jaguar. 'SS' of course stood for 'Swallow Sidecars', later for Swallow Special. But through Sir William Lyons himself, 'SS' already stands for 'Standard Swallow' in the pre-war 'Jaguars'. Standard was the supplier of the engine blocks. And that that brand name after the Second World War did not seem to be the pinnacle of tight marketing? So something was found there. SS Cars became 'Jaguar'. Sir Lyons had traditionally chosen that name from 500 animal names. And it turned out not to be a bad choice. Sea

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