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    Motorcycling does not die out!

    Nowadays if you see a motorcyclist under thirty, it is a student on a 1 in 40 running 125 cc or someone who is with his parents. The average motorcycle buyer is about 55. We classic enthusiasts usually have a few extra ticks on the counter. We are of course not 'old' or […] More

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    SS Party!

    SS Cars is the progenitor of the respected and esteemed Jaguar. 'SS' of course stood for 'Swallow Sidecars', later for Swallow Special. But through Sir William Lyons himself, 'SS' already stands for 'Standard Swallow' in the pre-war 'Jaguars'. Standard was the supplier of the engine blocks. And that that brand name after the Second World War did not seem to be the pinnacle of tight marketing? So something was found there. SS Cars became 'Jaguar'. Sir Lyons had traditionally chosen that name from 500 animal names. And it turned out not to be a bad choice. More

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    Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from 1965 at Catawiki

    An Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from the first series and from Italy itself. How real can you have it? This slender Italian thoroughbred can be found on the Catawiki website. Take the train to Italy and come back with the Alfa. How beautiful can a relationship start with a new classic? How beautiful can […] More

  • Suzuki GS1000

    Suzuki GS1000

    The new motorcycling started with the Honda CB750F. That's what they had in the head about at Kawasaki. Because at Kawa they also thought they would surprise the world with something so beautiful. That dream Kawa Z750 was a more modern, better machine. But at Kawasaki they came up with something to make him not only 'the second 750 cc four-cylinder' […] More

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    DKW 3 = 6. Just about

    For the early days of DKW we have to go back to the early 1900s. To the earliest days of the combustion engine. The company RE (Rasmussen & Ernst) had a factory in the German town of Zschopau where equipment for steam engines was built. In 1916, co-owner Jörgen Skaffen Rasmusen set his sights on creating a steam-powered human-powered […] More

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    Summertime? Convertible time!

    At least: In moderation. We in the Netherlands still have to get used to the idea of ​​real summers. (And the idea that we will probably no longer go on Elfstedentocht.) We think open-minded and happy that people in regions where they have been used to beautiful summers for some time prefer to drive 'open'. By road movies and […] More

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    Renault R5. From before globalization

    Globalization is a thing. In the time of our classics, there were people who chose a brand with conviction. Others took a broader view and thought it would be good if their car - or let it have been a motorcycle - came from France, Germany, England, Italy or Sweden. And then we got the […] More

  • Showroom E&R Classics

    Showroom E&R Classics virtual!

    It's a strange time. A time of limitations and creative solutions. E&R Classics also noticed that some of the customers were unable to visit the showroom in Waalwijk. Despite the fact that the showroom is open as usual. Mainly prompted by government restrictions or caution. So here too a creative solution was devised. The people of E&R now bring the showroom to your home. More

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    Harley-Davidson Standard Police. A Harley with an extra valve

    That valve? That is on the front crash bar. And whether that is a strange place. Later it came on the wheel. But the story is about a Harley-Davidson Standard Police motorcycle. You are too late if you want it. Albert Venema - who sees classic motorcycles as a fun by-catch - has the […] More

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    Grown bigger

    People over XNUMX speak in awe about the 'great Americans' of their youth. And those great Americans had a somewhat debatable reputation in the XNUMXs and XNUMXs. According to then Dutch Calvinist insights, they were not only big, but also vulgar. The nickname 'whore's sloop' for an American convertible, a convertible, was a good indication for this. […] More

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    Exemption from MRB for transitional arrangement for old-timers and other inconvenience

    I never thought about that. But if you make time for your vehicle administration, that is enlightening. I still lived in the happy assumption that classics older than 25 years young at least still fell under the partial exemption regulation. But the rules for the transitional arrangement for vintage cars are apparently different. However […] More

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