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    BMW is not an old-fashioned brand

    "BMWs are old-fashioned motorcycles." "I am too young to drive a BMW." "You are never too old to drive a BMW." You can see that last comment positively. But BMW simply had the reputation of being a somewhat sluggish, expensive motorcycle. More

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    Rolfs Reizen: The GDR

    A long time ago, in 1971, the four of us drove on a moped to the GDR, Hungary and Yugoslavia. The goal was the Italian coast, to watch girls there. That didn't work out, because we were running out of money and one of us got homesick. On our journey, past the pretty scary Iron Curtain, we saw a lot of motorcycles, which we found very interesting. It was very funny to first see a helmet appear in the rolling landscape and then an MZ, a Pannonia and many Jawas. More

  • BMW R90 / 6 and BMW R75 / 5
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    BMW R90 / 6 and BMW R75 / 5

    Ben van Kaam owns a BMW R90 / 6, a 900 cc from 1975. He is crazy about this brand with a boxer engine and he doesn't get that from a stranger. Father Jos also likes to sit on his German motorcycle. An R75 / 5 with 750 cc from 1972. More

  • Ducati 750 GT

    Ducati 750 GT

    The 90 ° V-twin / L-twin designed by the genius Fabio Taglioni was already a bombshell. Here in the Netherlands there was a black and white spy photo in the then WeekBlad Motor. Everyone shivered. More

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    Bimota, almost always in trouble

    Bimota: Proof that Italians can prioritize. Even if it is only 'First the passion, then the pasta'. Bimota is one such brand that every student at Nijenrode Business University gets flakes from between their fingers. Bimota made the most fantastic engines and staggered from one financial crisis to another. Nice is not it? More

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    Riding an army motorcycle: It can be cheap

    Seventy-five years after the liberation, the WLA and C models from Harley-Davidson, the BMW R75 and thick Zündapp boxers have actually become unaffordable. Other European ex-army motorcycles from WWII are still reasonably to affordable. Think of the British and the now recognized classic Russian M72 models (which are clones of the BMW R71). In front of […] More

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    Cleaning and cleaning

    A well-groomed classic, car or motorcycle, should simply be showroom clean. And when you see him standing there, it doesn't even occur to you that he has been 'polished'. More

  • BSA B31 / 33

    BSA B31 / 33

    BSA B31 / 33, BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms. And what does a weapons factory do if peace breaks out? As a weapon manufacturer, they first started to produce bicycles and bicycle parts and only then - from 1907 to 1939 - cars. From 1910, also motorcycles. BSA was once very large and leading worldwide. More

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    Moto Morini Corsarino ZZ

    In any case, because Italians start everything with conviction, there were a lot of motorcycle brands. Moto Morini was certainly not the least of these. Our model is a Moto Morini Corsarino ZZ. More

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    Triumph Bonneville. A memory

    Recently I drove for a client on a new one Triumph Bonneville. An iconic motorcycle type from a brand with an illustrious name. A tribute to everything that was once British. Oh yes: the new Bonnies are made in Thailand. But Benelli is now a Chinese brand and Royal Enfield is working overtime in India. More

  • Condor 580

    Condor: Swiss top quality

    Originally French, but 'emigrated' to Switzerland on economic grounds: Condor. The Swiss brand is best known here for the Condors with Ducati engine blocks. But the ambitions were higher for that. Much higher. More

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