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    The Little Guzzis. The story is coming

    After riding 'fat' old Guzzi's for about 25 years, I thought it would be a good idea to downgrade a bit. Not as far as the brand is concerned. The least swanky motorcycle brand from Italy simply has a warm place in my heart. And once 50 hp from 650 cc was a dream value for a serious […] More

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    What is American? what is classic

    Made in the USA: look, buyers took the plunge. Because nothing beats a Harley-Davidson. Or it should be a VT 1100 cc Honda Ace. And it does its utmost to resemble a Harley, from the time when they were not only assembled in the USA. Friend Victor is happy about it in a somewhat chuckle-like way. He is too 'young' to be infected with the legendary Harley virus. More

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    Sidecar driving. The difference

    Auto Motor Klassiekreader, fellow villager and good friend Hans Beltman asked: “When are you going to write something about sidecar driving. How does that compare to normal motorcycling.” Hans has been dreaming about tricycles lately… So here it is: for Hans. But everyone can enjoy it! Hans has an advantage He is a classic driver with a broad view. […] More

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    Hugo's Sachsclub

    Okay. There are more brilliant puns made. But still… Sachs. For the over-XNUMXs and early seventies, Sachs was a world-leading manufacturer of single-cylinder two-strokes. We / they may also remember that playboy Günther Sachs who had a relationship with Brigitte Bardot. He committed suicide. But that wasn't out of heartbreak. He was suffering from Alzheimer's and wanted to forget it. More

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    Exhausts on classics

    Factory exhaust systems were never built for eternity. They must ensure optimal power delivery and maximum noise reduction during their lifetime. And that the interpretation of that value has often been interpreted differently over the years? So be it. More

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    The market, the split

    There is one thing that binds us right now: our surprise at the classic prizes. We read what they brought in at the international auction houses. And at Chasing Classic Cars we see how double thick glossy painted cars and some engines go to… Bored rich men and cold investors for hair-raising prices. More

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    What do we give for it?

    In the housing market, the demand is apparently much greater than the supply. If € 650.000 is asked for a hut, it apparently makes sense to offer a ton above the asking price: 'the jubelton'. You will only look for a house. You will only have a lot to spend. More

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    Bianchi MT 61 army motorcycle

    Modern army motorcycles are usually somewhat lower compressed, not too heavy all roads in a green jacket. They are even available in a diesel version. The motorcycles during WWII were usually very recognizable civilians on 'our' side who were called into arms. Quite often they were single-cylinder four-stroke side valves, because that approach combined reliability with simplicity. On the German side, the designers often got carried away by their 'lead through technology' genes. That led to impressive and complicated machines like the BMW R75 and so on. And as it turned out: you don't win war with that. More

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    When it comes to the money….

    Many of us started our careers on old motorcycles. Because we had no money for newer copies. And those old motorcycles? They were simply worth little. I bought a Norton 88 for 75 guilders. A BSA café racer without registration for one hundred and fifty peak. At Muts in Soest I bought a frame with license plate for twenty-five guilders. A nice T500 cost me six hundred guilders. When I was rich there was a very nice CB 750 K2 for two thousand peak and a Laverda SF for 3.250 rock-hard guilders. More

  • Van Veen Kreidler

    Van Veen Kreidler of Geart. A piece of art 

    This dream of every motorcycle enthusiast is a showpiece in Geart's room. Who doesn't know the story of a great man (Henk van Veen) behind that little Kreidler machine, who worked together with a great team that produced great success in the racing world? Awards for the constructors and for the most successful driver Jan de Vries? This unique 50cc Kreidler racer has the name of technician Jaap Voskamp engraved with the number 009.  More

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    Harley-Davidson and AMF… A bittersweet symphony

    A turbulent history. Harley-Davidson was bad in 1969. But Harley-Davidson was saved by the American Machine and Foundry Co. (AMF). That company reorganized and invested. But to no avail. Things were in danger of turning back. 1981: Thirteen Harley-Davidson executives buy out the company from American Machine and Foundry Co. Under the inspiring leadership of the genius Willy G Davidson, the company took a life-saving leap forward into the past. Harley was one of the first brands to go retro. That's a 'long story short'. More

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    Benelli Tornado 1970-1975

    In 1968 Benelli presented the 650 Tornado. A two-cylinder parallel pushrod twin. In keeping with the Italian approach, it then took a few more years before the machines came up for sale. At the beginning of the 650s, the two-cylinder pushrod concept was actually already outdated and buried. The Tornado had to compete with the brands and machines that when the XNUMX finally went on sale… had actually already toppled over. More

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