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    Ducati 350 XL. Calimero rules!

    Ducati made very nice single-cylinder motorcycles. But The (American) Market wanted more. In Den Beginne there were the now legendary 750 cc L-twin 'round crankcase blocks'. These were successful crossings between a thoroughbred racehorse and a petulant princess. The assembly of such a tallest complicated piece of watchwork during production could not be defended from any business perspective. […] More

  • Cagiva

    Cagiva Ala Verde, a cheap two-stroke

    In Wezep we saw a strange 'Ala Verde'. It was not Aermacchi but a Cagiva two-stroke Ala Verde. We had already experienced the 350 cc copies. Compared to a 350 cc two-stroke from Japan, there was little progress in this, but the 350s steered like razors. And now we were eye in headlight […] More

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    Original or not? A Domi 99

    The originality of our classics? We value that. After all, it is a matter of paying tribute to the past. Nostalgia too. And 'value'. Fortunately, 95+% of our classic motorcycles can be traced back to what the original was like. Original or not? Harley-Davidsons and BMW enthusiasts have an advantage here. Because […] More