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    Citroën 2CV and the nice second-hand scale models of Hachette-NOREV

    You are probably familiar with them: the series consist of a combination of booklets and scale models. Through long-running series you can build a collection of books and miniatures of the written models. A well-known name is Hachette Collections. That happened (also) in the past with such series, which were sold via a subscription or via the loose sale in […] Sea

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    Renault 6TL. A new scale model of Ottomobile in 1:18

    There is still a lot of market for beautiful miniature models, and various manufacturers are only too happy to respond to this. Such as Ottomobile, which once again announced a series of new models and presented the Renault 6 in 1 to 18 scale. The French modeller managed to build a quite striking scaled-down replica of the […] Sea

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    Glass 2600 V8. Great scale model of Schuco in 1 to 18

    It was a prestige project of Hans Glas Gmbh, a serious V8 coupé from Dingolfing. The Glas 2600 V8, designed by Frua, had to compete with the large luxury sports coupés of that time. Since the XNUMXs, glass had developed from a motor roller builder and Goggomobil manufacturer to a manufacturer that was also able to produce larger […] Sea

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    Opel Kadett B and Olympia A. Popular 1:18 scale models from Revell

    A while ago, model car and kit manufacturer Revell regularly released new Die-Cast scale models within the scale 1 to 18. At the moment Revell focuses mainly (again) on model building and related matters. Until the previous decade, however, Revell lured hobbyists and collectors with various ready-made scale models to the specialist stores. It worked, […] Sea

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    Mercedes-Benz 200 T. Downsized eighteen times by NOREV

    For decades, NOREV has mainly been making cars in a reduced form into gadgets. Over the years, the French manufacturer - like many miniature builders - has started to build models in multiple scales. In doing so, she raised the finishing and detailing to a considerably higher level than, say, 25 years ago. Sea

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    MG TC. Lesney Model of Yesteryear in 1978

    The English company Lesney has been making toy cars under the name Matchbox since 1953. In 1956 the British started the Models of Yesteryear Series. The model series with scale models of yesteryear was then set up for nostalgic reasons. Classic old-timers, steam-powered trucks, carriages, steam rollers and traction motors already evoked homesickness in the XNUMXs. In this case […] Sea

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    True to nature: Citroën 2 CV 6 from 1972 from NOREV in scale 1: 18.

    The French miniature manufacturer NOREV has been working for decades with the manufacture of model cars in various scales. For a number of years, NOREV has also been active in the 1:18 segment, and it builds car models of several brands. The French tricolor is of course amply represented in the range, and it is therefore obvious that the […] Sea

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    Volvo Amazon in 1: Whitebox 43: reasonable price, worth it

    Model car manufacturer Whitebox has been supplying a number of attractive 1:43 scale miniatures for some time now. Among the wide range of scaled-down car brands are some beautiful Volvo copies, which are very worthwhile for adepts and collectors. We highlight one of the scale models of the Swedish brand: the 220, the station variant of the […] Sea

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    Bestseller of Ottomobile models. The VW Beetle Oettinger.

     During its career, the Volkswagen Beetle was suitable for performance-enhancing interventions. Certainly in the seventies there was a close triangular relationship that was filled in by tuning, Volkswagen and Oettinger. The tuner from Hockenheim was able to maintain the Beetle character with subtle interventions and at the same time give it considerably more potential. A […] Sea

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