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  • Ford Capri 2.0 S V6 1979

    Ford Capri 2.0S V6 from 1979, from the archive of Auto Motor Klassiek

    The Ford Capri 2.0S V6 has a fairly striking appearance. A long hood, a compact passenger compartment and a small trunk. There are of course cars with more interior space and a much more convenient entry to the rear. There are also cars with more engine power and much more luggage space. But then again, there is no 'Capri' on it. From our archive: 2.0 Ford Capri 6S V1979 More

  • VW Variant

    Volkswagen 1600 Variant: photos from the archive of Auto Motor Klassiek

    Look at the Volkswagen 1600 Variant and you will be confused. The doors and the typical curves are familiar to the retina, when you know the German version, but the nose seems to stem directly from a 412 - which is not the case! - and the back looks Peugeot-like. “When I thought of those lamps, I thought of the Lada Niva,” says Van Gils, the owner of this car. More