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  • Classics

    Classics, partners, travel. And the dog

    With a classic you are welcome everywhere. The presence of a partner is usually not a problem either. But then there is that third wheel on the cart, the dog. All perfect components for a perfect life. But sometimes the components don't mix that easily. A trip in a classic is for most […] More

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    About the Volkswagen Beetle, Land Rover Series III and more information about various classics

    Worth knowing Do you know why a Volkswagen Beetle from 1970 up to and including its European end in 1979 received the type designation 1302/1303? The solution is simple. Simca already had the type designation 1301 in use… The Land Rover Series III remained virtually unchanged for 1971 years from 13 onwards. Until the type was replaced in 1984 by the 90/110 […] More

  • Austin 1800 Balanza

    Austin 1800 Balanza: a strange bird

    Mainstream classics, the classics we all know or at least have heard about. That's what the trade is all about. There are lively clubs for that. But what do you run into if you are cross? Or if you just fall for a classic because it appeals to you? And what if that was an Austin […] More

  • Valve caps

    Three valve caps wanted!

    We sometimes get questions from the readership. And usually we can help people on their way. But that someone was looking for a special model of valve caps? We never thought of such a search. But this site is visited by about 100D classic enthusiasts every month. And for something as important as three valve caps we want to […] More

  • Beaulieu

    Some Facts about Bjoelie (Beaulieu)

    'Beaulieu' would be called 'convenient' to us. And left or right: it is the classic fair that you as an enthusiast should really have been to. The approach is: 'If it exists, it is on Beaulieu. We report some 'tidbits' as basic knowledge for the upcoming trade fair in September. And let's face it: […] More

  • Land Rover

    Things worth knowing

    And just imagine why a Volkswagen Beetle from 1970 to its European end in 1979 received the type designation 1302/1303 ... The solution is simple. Simca had already used the type designation 1301… Land Rover Series III The Land Rover Series III remained virtually unchanged from 1971 for 13 years. Until the type in 1984 […] More

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    Halogen was revolutionary

    Halogen was a breakthrough. After all, the greatest effort in the field of electric vehicle lighting (up to 1970) has always gone into increasing reliability and extending the service life. And once incandescent lamps of 45 Watt were already a lot ... Halogen was revolutionary Until the introduction of the halogen lamp, the light output was not [...] More

  • Did you know that

    Did you know that?

    If you have ever driven a Vauxhall Victor from the F-Series - built from 1957 to 1961 -, if you have owned one, it must have happened to you regularly, your knee came into unpleasant contact with the casing from the windscreen protruding far inwards… If you have a […] More

  • Things worth knowing

    Things worth knowing

    As a classic enthusiast you must of course know what it is about and especially the special things. AMK will try to supplement your knowledge. With information.  Triumph Herald De Triumph Herald for example. They were built from 1959 to 1971. As a 2-door, station wagon, 2-door coupé and 2-door convertible. And it came in 1960 […] More

  • Things worth knowing
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    Things worth knowing

    Things worth knowing about old-timers that you probably didn't know all: In a road test that once appeared on the MG MGC, an author probably didn't have his day and the powerhouse broke down to the bone. After that, every subsequent road tester didn't like it at all. Such a thing would not brake and would only overly understeer the […] More

  • K70

    The NSU that became Volkswagen: the VW K70

    In the mid-80s, the development wheels in Neckarsulm were running at full speed. NSU worked full blast on two middle-class newbies. The RoXNUMX with Wankel engine was destined to demonstrate the innovation potential of NSU to the world in an ultramodern way. A second middle class, also stylistically progressive, with a more conventional engine, was […] More

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