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    Budget thinking

    Fortunately, there are still plenty of 'old school' motorcycle shops where the workshop rates are human and friendly, and craftsmanship are even cost-limiting factors. Fortunately! And riding on the famous English 'shoestring' has also given me more pleasure in richer times than having a motorcycle that the dealer says you shouldn't even speak encouragingly to in the workshop. More

  • VW Jeg

    VW Jeg. Or rather: Jeg

    A lot has already been done on the basis of Volkswagen technology. This varies from putting all kinds of plastic bodywork on a complete rolling VW platform to using VW boxer blocks in motorcycles. More

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    BMW 518 E28. Modest and very beautiful Fünfer

    The five series from BMW. Often, and rightly so, it is associated with smooth running and powerful Reihen-Sechs engines. Especially when it comes to a 5-series from the pre-downsize era. Much less often they are associated with four-cylinder engines with a displacement of less than 2000 cc. Yet there was a BMW 518 on the program for years. More

  • Martaré

    Martaré is back!

    When you hear that, you fold back in your chair. Martaré! Back! Finally! Or maybe you think "Never heard of it"? Maybe a seventies audio manufacturer? Well no. But there was music in the brand: The pleasantly characteristic hum of a VW boxer. And Martaré was a Dutch brand. More

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    CG. Small sports car run, big influence

    In 1966 a special French sports car was born. It is the CG A1000 which confirmed the status of bodybuilder Carrosserie Chappe Frères et Gessalin as a car manufacturer. The company was founded in 1932. After the Second World War, the French concentrated more and more on the manufacture of aluminum and […] bodies. More

  • Lancia Flaminia 2.5 V6

    Lancia Flaminia 2.5 V6. Noble Italian beauty

    The West Frisian dike was transformed into Via Flaminia on a beautiful summer day. The reason? Auto Motor Klassiek is in and around Schagen for a report on the beautiful and stately Lancia Flaminia by Nan Beers. He bought one of his dream cars in 2019. Why Nan wanted to become the owner so badly is clear when seeing this rare Italian with a beautiful history. More

  • BMW 635 CSi

    BMW 635 CSi. Enchantment extends beyond German Gründlichkeit

    Not everyone is easily charmed by German cars. Some find them cold, clinical and a little bombastic. However, the enchantment of the BMW 6 Series is almost impossible to resist, which is reflected in hard increases in value. The power of seduction does not come out of the blue: a Frenchman set out the lines. More

  • Chevrolet Corvette

    Chevrolet Corvette: Plastic is fantastic

    Meanwhile, Corvettes are, of course, wonderfully pointless icons. It doesn't take four people, you can't tinker with a towbar and the classic 'Vettes' prove that for the fun factor torque and power are much more important than handling and that kind of details. You can't put a lot of groceries in it either. The classic Chevrolet Corvette is beautiful in a Dolly Parton way elegant and they are just wonderful cars. And they are polyester, plastic. More

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    Collect… And sell - column

    Villager Titia told me while dog walking that her son had bought a motorcycle. A Moto Guzzi. With a man under the rivers. And that man had many more motorcycles. Sheds full. More

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