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    Gloria Julia!

    “The Supertje is ready for you.” Frans de Groot's app was more than a birthday present. It is a sign of complete confidence, and an advance on a wonderful weekend driving with an old friend: the well-maintained Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super, which will be sold in Auto Motor during the summer of 2019. More

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    Tatra T87: an expensive thing

    In the former Eastern bloc countries, now that there are people with money there too, there is a special form of nostalgia: 'The Ostalgie'. When walls and systems fell, our deadly enemies didn't know how quickly to embrace the capitalist system. Regret comes afterwards The first approach was to give up en masse everything that reminded us of the past: […] More

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    Ove Andersson. Rally Legend and Monument

    Today marks the XNUMXth anniversary of the death of legendary rally driver and Toyota Team Europe boss Ove Andersson. He belongs in the hall of fame of motorsport. Ove Andersson has been the driving force behind Toyota's competition activities for over thirty years, and under him the Japanese manufacturer grew in that regard. […] More

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    Audi TT. Trouble in the department

    Suddenly there was a strange and nervous atmosphere in the ward. A very large relation visited my former employer. When he came to visit, he was treated with all due respect. This time things went a little differently. The relationship had come to Leeuwarden with a brand new and very expensive Audi TT. And […] More

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    Volvo 164. Noble six-cylinder, flagship from Sweden.

    In 1958 Volvo said goodbye to the six-cylinder era in the passenger car division for a period of 10 years. The 'PV 831-PV 834' series was then taken out of production. It then took a decade for the Swedes to put a new six-cylinder model into production. Volvo returned to the ranks of the European large motorized cars. And […] More

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    Terre Di Canossa 2021: Corona could not stop the 11th edition.

    In the weekend of 20 to 23 May, the 11th edition of the Terre Di Canossa was held in beautiful Italy. The ride visited the regions of Emilia, Liguria and Tuscany. A person would start to water for less in these Corona times. The participants had to cover 650 km, 63 regularities and six medium speed tests over three days. Only 100 cars are allowed to ride each year. Despite that annoying pandemic, 64 participants still started this year, including some Belgian and Dutch teams. More

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    Subaru. My rescue with the school principal

    Shaking my head, my school principal looked at me as I walked into his room after school. His eyes showed despair in ten volumes. This was the umpteenth time that I was allowed to report because of a recalcitrant and idiosyncratic attitude, and the man opposite me was certainly not happy. The conversation and the cup of coffee were now gone. It […] More

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    Crewe. Bentley headquarters for 75 years

    Abingdon, Manchester, Longbridge, Oxford, Blackpool, Malvern, Castle Bromwich, Cowley. Just a few names of places where the British car industry was rooted and once had glorious times. Crewe should not be missing in that list of names. This place name symbolizes one of the most exclusive car brands in the world. For 75 years people have been building there in the […] More

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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Super. From 1300 to 2000: the introduction

    Koen de Groot has been the owner of a beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super for many years. His father Frans spent a lifetime working on his Alfa Romeo passion. He will equip his son's Giulia with a new heart: a two-liter Alfa Nord engine with modified specifications. We are going to follow and share this motor transformation […] More

  • ASA 1000 GT
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    ASA 1000 GT. Artwork by Italian grand masters.

    For a long, very long time, Enzo Ferrari argued that a number of twelve cylinders was the minimum standard for the cars that could bear his name. Still, the Italian car grandmaster revised his starting point. Ferrari wanted to generate a stable revenue stream to support its core business on a permanent basis. Ferrari was looking for additional finances for the racing activities of the Italians. It forced the Italians to develop a car with a smaller displacement. That step was the precursor for the ASA brand, which existed from 1962 to 1967. More

  • Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet 560 SL (1987)

    Mercedes-Benz 560 SL Cabriolet (1987). Top class for Gert-Jan. 

    100 percent original with a 5,6 liter (V8) power source, this stunningly beautiful convertible drives its summer rides in Friesland. The car is the first owner and was registered on the Dutch license plate in 2019, with Gert-Jan becoming the first Dutch owner of this 34-year-old young timer. Gert-Jan is an enthusiastic jovial man with a passion for sporty young and old-timers.  More

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