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    Knowing people ... that's what it's all about – column

    I don't have a lot of money, but I know a lot of people. On the other hand: I don't really care about money. And money doesn't really care about me. But with a lot of people you can apparently make money. Friend Jan – he is Slovakian and works from London – is a real estate agent who gets his income from his network. So it is possible. Sea

  • Calais6

    Winter tires – column

    If you have just read a story about the allroad winter tires, you can handle the winter again. Not because they are available in the sizes of my bike, that's not even an allroad, but the idea gives peace of mind. When you hear that Great Barr Motorcycle Breakers in Birmingham is such a fun motorcycle wreck, […] Sea

  • Dolf at Frank

    Back to square one – column

    Some of us have many of our best dreams and memories from the late XNUMXs and XNUMXs. That was the time when Honda made motorcycling an acceptable pastime worldwide. And the time when the fast learning Japanese motorcycle makers became the absolute market leaders. The Japanese made high-tech motorcycles that were complete, […] Sea

  • Corsa LS
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    Opel Corsa and the Christmas Eve of 1997

    I had imagined the beginning of Christmas Eve 1997 differently. Suddenly I found myself in the backseat of a 1985 Toyota Corolla. There I was sandwiched between a few Surinamese Hindu teenagers. And I had one more on my lap. The family was on their way from Leeuwarden to The Hague, to […] Sea

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    A Norton with crumple zone – column

    Is motorcycling dangerous? Ah, well! Healthy living, that's dangerous! Because the longer you live, the more chance there is that something will happen to you. Or that you harm someone yourself. Any statistician can lie to you. So all in all, we can make the most of it every day, laugh regularly and enjoy it. Sea

  • gilera 150 sport 4572741 and max

    winter time. Driving, tinkering, thinking

    That is clear: It is approaching fifty years of four seasons of motorcycling. At first winter rides were fun, later they were just part of it. But now I've had it. The carcass doesn't appreciate being ravaged. And after a cold ride I experience something between rigor mortis and rheumatism XL. In addition, I have ridden less than 10D/year for the past two years and have already climbed from 1000 cc to 650 cc. I remember that the guys with 50 hp out of 650 cc scored at least the second most beautiful girl in the village. And with 650 cc under the cadets you could be on the road very quickly. Sea

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    Volvo Amazon. Vilken fantastic buttock!

    It is a question I am regularly asked. “What do you think is the best car in history?” . Admittedly, that's a tricky one, because the answer depends on many factors. Besides, I'm not very sure about that sort of thing. But I still believe that I know which car is the best […] Sea

  • Dolf Guzzi 650

    A generation gap and upbringing – column

    As current classic enthusiasts, we usually had that generation gap with our parents. A moped friend of mine, after barricading his bedroom door, went to bed with his helmet on. Because his father, head of a Catholic Boys' School, had sworn that his son had to get rid of his long hair. As sixteen-eighteen year olds, we were pleasantly obsessed with mopeds, motorcycles and cars. And to make that our property, we even wanted to work. What we usually did, by the way, is proof that low-paid work was already invented before neo-liberalism reached its full maturity. Sea

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    It's all about time money and emotion – column

    When I was forty I bought an M72 for 250 guilders. An almost spotless Honda CB750 cost me nearly two grand. A Suzuki GT 750 with three in a Reino pipe and a Velorex sidecar was for me for three thousand guilders. So there is progress in my purchases. A 99 Dominator is worth serious money these days. And such a Russian BMW clone can now yield five grand. By the way: That puts him at less than a third of the value of his historically equally important and equally reliable 'colleague', the Harley-Davidson WLA or WLC models. In the early sixties, those were machines that you had for 200 guilders. Sea

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    Exit Turf – column

    "Hi. It's just to report that Turf is dead." That call was not entirely unexpected. Because Turf had lived under the motto "You have to ravage life". Today, a young Turfje would have been an interesting 'case' for a few dozen psychologists, counselors and beavers. They could then have analyzed and labeled him jubilantly. Because with a little good will, Turf was good for all oddities from AHD to something that started with a 'z'. Sea

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