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    Better half turned… – column

    I met him in Arnhem and recognized him. The son of a motorcycling acquaintance, now it seems that he is already a well-worn thirties. So the son, not the father. I knew he also rode a motorcycle and he was wearing an old leather jacket with a sewn on Triumph emblem. The jacket was really old. Not fancy vintage. As I said, he looked rather drunk for what I remembered as his age. More

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    Still a dry weekend – column

    We had almost kept the weekend dry. Only on the terrace of the Seagull we got a little rain. But it wasn't cold and we were dressed fairly waterproof. So while the other terrace-sitters fled inside, we stayed put. The wait staff served the triple portion of bitterballen with those funny paper umbrellas usually used for sorbets or cocktails. More

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    Formula 1. Max, Jan and Huub

    On September 5, 2021, the world witnessed a Dutch Grand Prix for the first time since August 24, 1985. Max Verstappen won in a race that was equally exciting, mainly because of the tire tactics, and it was remarkable how stoically he crossed the finish line first. Everything fell into place, the free practice and […] More

  • Harley sidesp WL

    You're getting older Daddy, admit it…. (part2) – column

    We classic enthusiasts usually have the right to talk about 'the old days'. Apart from my friend Rens, I know very few members of our tribe who are younger than 60, or even 50. Lucky we are boys. So when we stand in front of the mirror while shaving, we still see the young God of yesteryear. This is in happy contrast to the more pleasantly sculpted species, which tend to form an exaggeratedly critical self-image from the age of twenty-five. More

  • Suzuki T500 1

    Suzuki T500. From superbike to discounted middle engine

    I bought a blue one for 600 guilders. I had a very nice green cream for 1.000 guilders. I traded one with a highly explosive ex-sprint block for some parts. My second sidecar combination was one. With a Reimo one-in-one expansion pipe. I bought it in Tiel for 2250 guilders. And then there was that orange Suzuki T500 from Alphen. Those times are over. More

  • R69S sail two

    A challenging project: Bens R69S – column

    Ben van Helden teaches goldsmith training in his own academy. He is a lovely person. And of course he is also a motorcycle enthusiast. We both have a mild preference for lost and forgotten dreams and for bikes with a serious scratching factor. We have been working on old motorcycles for a very long time and where many people scour the internet for unique finds, we still live old-fashioned. We know many people who know many people. And we kindly try to keep our ears open. More

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    Coming home to Schalsum. Cheers!

    I park the Opel on the site of Autobedrijf de Roy. In the cozy Schalsum, near Franeker, I am looking forward to what is to come. I could be found there more often. After the first report with Peter and his son Thomas, I regularly went to Peter de Roy's garage. And then […] More

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    'Tis' a wet summer – column

    It's summer. A kind of. And I'm not getting any younger either. Driving through all winters for 40+ years is of course easy with the current motorcycle clothing. But in the past we had winters with at least two Eleven Cities Tours and we motorcyclists had to keep warm by stuffing a Saturday newspaper under our coats. More

  • Renault 4 CV

    Renault 4CV. My father's great car love

    Nowadays my father regularly goes out with his partner and the Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid and caravan. In days gone by, my father's car world looked fundamentally different. During the hopeful sixties, a long career as a civil engineer, a colorful family life and a decent basketball career were still […] More

  • The Paladijn as it was without cockpit

    The Paladin. The constant factor – column

    In 1970 I bought the weekly magazine Motor every week. Printed in black and white on newsprint. The owner of the bookshop had a dark green BMW R60 with E-Glass make-up and Hoske mufflers. The June issue of Motor from 1970 featured an article about 'the Paladijn' by Ab van Ginhoven. More

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