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  • Renault R4 F6 Order

    Renault R4 F6 Order (1984). Life-extending adventure 

    The Renault 4 entered the market in the 60s. It was a cheap, simple, but very complete car. It was actually a two in one car, fold the back seat and you have a station wagon. And especially the Renault R4 F6 Order version became a popular car for the small entrepreneur, even roadside assistance was equipped with it. More

  • Citroën 2 CV6 Special (1986)

    Citroën 2 CV6 Special (1986). Who is the designer? 

    Citroën has always been a brand of which various modifications and creations have been made. When we see this beautiful design, then shouldn't driving on summer days be a great pleasure? Nothing beats the feeling of driving with the top open. A project that commands respect due to its sublime execution and finish, what a privilege it must be to own such a special classic.  More

  • Ford Prefect (1953)

    Ford Prefect (1953): Stately passenger car. 

    A white Ford with a high grill and round headlights that is Jelle's new 'okkasjonnetje' from the days of yore. Surfing the internet brought about contact between the previous owner who kept various classics in addition to the modern cars in order to retain the scent of nostalgia.  More

  • SEAT (Ochocientos) 800

    SEAT (Ochocientos) 800: Small Spanish fury from Edo 

    The first thing that comes to mind when you look at these photos is the FIAT 600. We will tell you nothing new that the FIAT 600 has been one of the greatest successes of the Italian automotive industry. The small four-seater car gained international fame. It was a car from a time of progress and optimism and one that had a major impact on society. Another aspect was that the FIAT 600, as well as other popular models, contributed to the development of the car in general. More

  • Opel Kadett C Coupé (1977)

    Opel Kadett C Coupé (1977) Admiring looks for Dikkie Hiemstra. 

    The Opel Kadett C was a great success for the General Motors car giant at the time. Its handling and handling were excellent and the comfort also scored very high. The big sales figures were the proof. And that has remained that way, yes now even more, they now distinguish themselves from the gray matter. For the design of the past and for the classic driving pleasure.  More

  • Chevrolet Corvair (1963)

    Chevrolet Corvair (1963). René Kennis wants to see the 'life' of the car. 

    The insidious rust did little damage to this sheet metal victim, so it was far from succumbed. There is no doubt that nursing is needed. The plans are therefore to fight the robber knight (rust), but there will be no total restoration, because René believes that you should continue to see the 'life' of the American. So no major visible changes, the paint remains patina. The improvements come with the engine overhaul and the restoration of the sheet metal.  More

  • Austin Mini Cooper S copy

    Austin Mini Cooper S (1977) look-a-like 

    Stefan Schoof's 'pride' started his car life as a Mini 1100 special. Through effort, enthusiasm and dedication, he turned it into a 'look a like' Mini Cooper S. Stefan was a fan of English cars from a very young age, so no episode of the comedy series by Mr. Bean, in which the Mini played a leading role.  More

  • Willy's jeep

    Willys Jeep: 'Built for Victory' 

    This well-known timeless military vehicle by Tjerk Stellema has been in the family for more than 70 years. It is showing off in the showroom of the eponymous car company. The “4 wheel drive utility vehicle” comes from the well-known army stocks that were distributed throughout the Netherlands by the National Traffic Inspectorate after the Second World War.  More

  • Scania 80 truck

    Scania 80 truck (1970). Priority to nostalgia. 

    Old drivers and oldtimer enthusiasts still look with great admiration at the classic Scania trucks, it remains great to look at. The Scania brand is synonymous with quality and is of course utterly Swedish. For years, Wiebe had dreamed of owning a restored truck from his favorite brand, and Scania made a huge impression on him. More

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