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    Toyota rally history. The Forgotten WRC Victories (Bandama 1986)

    Spends these months Auto Motor Klassiek the magazine focuses on Toyota's rally history. In a diptych, we describe the background to the contemporary competition success of the largest manufacturer in the world. A success story that started in Belgium. This history is full of background stories. That is why we also share special events from that history online with […] More

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    Tribute, Jan Lammers!

    This year, the Netherlands welcomed two major events after decades. The Eurovision Song Contest was to be held in the Netherlands after 40 years. In 1980 The Hague hosted on behalf of Israel. The last Dutch Formula 1 race was held five years later. In August 1985 Niki Lauda won the last Grand Prix of […] More

  • Slaleways

    Slalewalking: be your own Max Verstappen

    Okay, we're getting F1 races at Zandvoort again. But what is it for us? Well: we can see Max Verstappen driving and because we haven't been able to cheer on an Eleven Cities winner for a long time, that's good. But whether classic enthusiasts still want to have something to do with the current state of affairs in F1? The wonderful […] More

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    Ari Vatanen, legendary rally driver in two companies

    The Dakar rally of 1987 was only a few kilometers away. Ari Vatanen had returned to the competition circuit after an absence of more than a year. An accident in the Rally of Argentina had kept the Finn aside for a long time, but now he was back. The comeback was spectacular, because after a few kilometers […] More

  • Renault R8 Gordini

    Renault R8 Gordini and French Racing Blue

    Of course we know fifty shades of gray (even if it is hearsay). And there are at least 69 shades of British Racing Green. That greenery was an emergency measure for the late British. Only green and brown were still available when it was their turn. Then, in the early twentieth century, races became […] More

  • Westfield Cup

    Westfield Cup Against Cancer

    The Westfield Cup is 'pure' racing 180hp at only 570kg. Helmet in the open air. Buttocks practically on the asphalt. Hard, but fair races with a large starting field. Costs that are manageable. But what about exactly? What do you have to do to get into this racing series? What are the budgets approximately? True […] More

  • Formula 1

    Formula 1 will return to Zandvoort next year

    Chase Carey, CEO of Formula One Management (FOM), today officially announced that the Formula 1 race will return to the Netherlands next year after a 35-year absence. With Heineken as title sponsor, the official name of the event will be: Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix. The choice of FOM for the organization of […] More

  • British Racing Green
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    British Racing Green: Fifty shades ... Green

    Last weekend there was a man with a British Racing Green MG at the Spankeren DIY garage 'Rubo Cars'. Ruud van Rubo Cars, his Lief Agnes and the dogs undoubtedly enjoyed the good weather. The MG driver had only come to Spankeren to check Rubo's address. Read: He […] More

  • Classic transport

    Classic transport, a profession in its own right

    Jan Tinga has had a garage in Leimuiden for years. That company has since passed on to its successor. Jan was also very deeply involved in classic transport to all kinds of festive rally locations. Because we understood each other well and because I also have a large driver's license (mechanic wheel vehicles and fat DAF driver in batch 76/5) I am a number […] More

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