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  • Renault Espace

    Renault Espace: from MPV to crossover

    On Sunday morning I always get fresh German sandwiches at the gas station on the Apeldoorns Kanaal. When I got the loot, a man got out of a huge car. From the front I saw that it was a Renault. On the back was Espace… The thing was stretched and wide. And quite low. More

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    Ford's early V8s

    The first Ford with a V8 block? That was the 18F from 1932. With its 90 cc 3622-degree V-block, the Ford ran just under 130 km / h and accelerated like a serious sports car. The smoothness, power and noiselessness of the new engine, together with the already new synchronized gearbox, made the press […] More

  • Renault 10

    Renault 10, sympathetic classic

    In 1965, Renault made its mark by introducing the uniquely designed and progressive R16 (called “1500” at the very beginning). The French have been at the forefront of developing new and modern standards for the use of space and travel pleasure for several years. In the shadow of the new hatchback, France conjures up a more conventional surprise: the Renault 10 Major. More

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    VW TL, the 'Traurige Lösung'?

    A VW TL 'Fastback'? That was my first car. I bought it from the garage where my father's 1501 Break was serviced. As a conscript soldier, I paid 300 guilders for it. And a good driving TL for 150 euros? It won't be for him anymore. Because Beetles became outdated To then such […] More

  • Mercedes-Benz V8

    Mercedes-Benz V8

    Twelve cylinders are for exotics. But V8 engines are the standard when it comes to Groot & Sterk. Mercdes-Benz has of course become famous for the indestructible and tractor slow 200D models. But those were taxis and cars for the better kind of representatives. Mercedes showed its muscles with the Mercedes-Benz V8. More

  • Land Rover Series 1

    Land Rover Series 1

    Landrover, Land-Rover, Laro… What is in a name? After World War II, Rover tried to restart car production as soon as possible. One of the projects was the development of a British replacement for the American CJ-2 Jeep.In no time, an all-terrain vehicle was designed with the same 2-inch wheelbase as a Jeep, but built from mainly British parts from or derived from pre-war Rover. passenger cars. This type was not known until later as 'Land Rover Series 80', when the Series 1 appeared in 1958. More

  • VW Beetles

    VW Beetles from other countries

    The VW, so Volkswagen. The Beetle. Despite its unfortunate origins and insect-like pet name (the 'Volkswagen' was after all an idea of ​​Hitler, an admirer of the also anti-Semitic Henry Ford and beetles are usually considered scary) the Volkswagen Beetle already had a mythical poetic cult value in the XNUMXs. Beetles were seen as a symbol of the revolution, for 'downsizing' and were ridden happily by flower children. At the time, De Kever stood for the 'small is beautiful' ethos as named by EF Schumacher. More

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    Chrysler: Too big to fall

    During the worst of the Coronakriebels it was also about all the consequences for business. Realists thought, "Some will fall, and they will benefit." Pessimists thought the entire economy was going to fall and there were experts and specialists who talked about companies that are "so big that they cannot fall." […] More

  • Ford Amsterdam

    Ford Amsterdam. Ford in the Netherlands

    In a recent conversation - about classics, Corona and discrimination - an old uncle Jaap came into the story. Great uncle Jaap apparently had been a car polisher at Ford Amsterdam for much of his life. So at the Amsterdam Ford factory. He apparently had a full-time job with the cellulose lacquer used at the time. More

  • Matra Rancho

    Matra Rancho, the poor Range Rover

    Times were turbulent. Simca became Talbot. Mother company Chrysler Europe was not a success and if you enter the collective memory as 'the car of Bassie & Adriaan', then you do not have to be undividedly proud of it. The Matra Rancho was sold as Matra-Simca Rancho and Talbot-Matra Rancho. More

  • Pontiac Phoenix

    Pontiac Phoenix: box upon box

    Compact car is a vehicle size class - used primarily in North America - that sits between subcompact cars and mid-size cars. The current definition is similar to the European C-segment or the British term “small family car”. Before the downsizing of the US auto industry in the 110s and XNUMXs, larger vehicles with a wheelbase of up to XNUMX inches […] More

  • Gilera 150 Sport

    Gilera. Not just for competition riders

    Born in 1887, Giuseppe Gilera grew up in the Italian region of Lombardy. At a young age he already showed a sense of technology and a fascination for motor technology that was still in its infancy at the time. Until 1909, he had gained some experience in the Bucher factory in Milan. The history of Gilera as a brand begins […] More

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