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    Ford Germany, the Taunus

    On October 1930, 1925, Henry Ford and Conrad Adenauer, then mayor of Cologne and later prime minister, became equally construction workers. They laid the foundation stone for the new Ford factory in - yes - Cologne. Ford was not new to Germany, but the Cologne location was. As early as XNUMX, T Fords and A Fords had been assembled in Berlin. More

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    Citroën Ami 6. Flaminio Bertoni's masterpiece has been around for sixty years

    Charming, uniquely designed and graceful. Actually, every classic enthusiast has sympathy for the Citroën Ami 6, which will be celebrating its 2021th birthday in 6. The Ami 24 was presented on April 1961, XNUMX. Citroën emphasized in the press release that the Ami 6 was especially not intended as a replacement for the 2CV. The Ami 6 was indeed […] More

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    Peugeot 203. Just like an American. With 1400 cc

    Peugeot 203 was a family car produced by Peugeot between 1948 and 1960. At that time it had already had a development period of five years. Volume production was initially hampered by strikes and post-war material shortages, but production got underway late in 1948, when buyers took delivery of 1949 units from early 203 onwards. More

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    Porsche 911. RECOVERY: 912

    The Porsche 912 is a 911 minus two cylinders. That's blunt, because the block is identical to that of the 356's. The four-cylinder was intended as an entry-level model for Porsche drivers without money for the 911 six-cylinder.  More

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    Opel Omega: An honest and delicious world car

    Classics? That's about memories. The contractor from the Zoutelande area long before that song was made about that village. It was in the time that Zeeland Flemish contractors or larger Opels or Mercedes drove 200 diesels. Those were cars that were taken seriously enough in Zeeland without being seen as gaudy type. More

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    Citroën Ami 8

    De Citroën Ami 8, an evolved type of 2CV, is one of the most recognizable cars of all time, along with that 2CV, the pike, the Beetle and R4. With the loss of recognisability, automotive charm has been exchanged for the somewhat pumped-up looks from the wind tunnel. You can't stop progress. But we think the trend is a bit sad. A befriended old school car enthusiast grumbled; "They all look like swollen barbed suppositories." More

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    Lloyd: from shipping to the ship

    At the beginning of the last century, it seemed that the newly discovered 'automobiles' might have a future. The shipping company Norddeutscher Lloyd therefore financed the company NAMAG, which from 1906 used the Lloyd brand name for its cars. More

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    Ostalgie: Trabant and MZ

    Talked to someone yesterday about the former GDR where life was good for about 80% of the people. Housing was cheap, education and health care were good and free. And if you just walked in line, you would have a job, or at least a job, all your life. More

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    Oldsmobile Toronado: American innovative

    Pay attention: Name the 'automotive blockbuster' of model year 1966. Answer: the Toronado. Not only did it make headlines in all the major auto magazines and most national news magazines, but also in The States drew crowds to the auto shows and dealer showrooms from coast to coast. And what caused all that fuss was above all a feature. More

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    Zastava and Yugo. Undervalued and endearing

    Once upon a time there was a lot of catching up behind the Iron Curtain. This was carried out in the former Yugoslavia, in the part that is now called Serbia, by building 'western' cars under license. By building Fiats under license. And that all happened with Zastava. More

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    Size matters…

    It may have been due to his age, but the cause was deeper. The customer in the classic store simply did not fit the car he wanted. Because the height of people is just as threatening to our passion as all kinds of legal measures. More

  • Renault Espace

    Renault Espace: from MPV to crossover

    On Sunday morning I always get fresh German sandwiches at the gas station on the Apeldoorns Kanaal. When I got the loot, a man got out of a huge car. From the front I saw that it was a Renault. On the back was Espace… The thing was stretched and wide. And quite low. More

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