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On 7 and 8 September, the gates for the annual celebration for classic cars and motorbikes in Beaulieu became the 47e opened once. The domain of Lord Montagu was once again almost entirely available for this event with a total of 2397 stands and 216 cars at the Automart. A dedicated organization team arranged access routes for as little delays as possible, with sufficient parking space, an extensive and varied range of products and services for a pleasant and useful stay in Beaulieu.

The Mecca for the classic car enthusiast

Due to a single unwelcome shower of rain on both days, footwear was tested for watertightness in some places, but the sun soon forgotten the water.

What cannot be emphasized enough is the international character of this jumble. There were stands from many European countries that offered parts of a large number of brands, which makes the jumble rise above the pure English. The number of languages ​​one could hear from the visitors was also numerous, mainly the European languages. People often heard Dutch and Flemish and every year it seems that the regular group of visitors from those countries is growing. It seemed that Englishmen were in the minority for the first time, according to a Canadian visitor!

There was a healthy selection of vintage cars in what is called the "Arena", the large square next to the National Motor Museum. Every automobile is welcome at this Automart, but there are mostly cars that are a bit younger, after the Second World War, with a minority before. There are cars that can be called "restoration projects" and there are cars between which nothing needs to be done. Striking were the Austin Healey "Frogeye" Sprite from 1960, which for just over

€ 14.000 got rid of an MGA Coupe from 1958 in an original showroom condition for just under € 30.000, a cream-colored Jaguar SEII E-type FHC from 1969 for just over

€ 40.000, a fully restored Citroen H Van from 1949 for € 59.000 and a beautiful red Daimler Dart with cream-colored leather interior, into which the owner has put 2000 hours of restoration work in, for € 59.000.

The Bonhams on-site auction showed a positive picture again after the record year last year. Some of the highlights were a Sunbeam 3 liter Super Sport `Twin Cam` from 1926, which was sold for € 188.161, an Alfa Romeo from 1953, the 1900C 1e Sprint Coupé Series, for € 181.504 and a Lagonda 4½-liter LG6 Short Wheelbase Drophead from 1939 for € 141.566. The Alfa Romeo 1900 delivered the highest price so far at this auction worldwide. A pleasant development was that on Sunday, the day after the auction, the tent partially opened so that visitors to Beaulieu could see a number of cars up close. Total sales at Bonhams came to £ 2,7 million (€ 3,2 million), of the 139 vehicles offered for sale, more complete and of better quality than previous years, 80% was sold.

It goes too far to mention the variety of products that can be found at Beaulieu.

From complete cars and motorcycles, as scrap or in perfect condition to the smallest bolt or nut and everything in between, even the clothing that one wants to wear at a competition d´élégance.

Desired are the stands of tools, tires, automobile antiques, everything that has to do with electricity, cleaning and maintenance products. But the pleasure for many is to look for specific parts and to find the right parts in the mountains. After finding the sport comes from negotiation, which usually causes a smile.

For larger parts, there is the service that they can be left in a tent, where visitors can pick them up and have them transported by truck to the field where their car is located.

On Sunday also the trunk sale took place, where everyone could sell products from their own car with a table next to it. This sale offers, just like the rest of the car jumble, a variety of products and very negotiable prices!

The number of visitors was slightly less than last year, but in the trend of recent years: some visitors can be put off by the weather. A large number took the opportunity to take a quick look at the Bond in Motion exhibition, which can be seen until the beginning of January 2014 or Palace House, the home of the Montagu family since 1538.

For next year, the auto jumble is planned for 6 and 7 September - but change is still possible. Therefore keep an eye on the development

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