Beat the heat: heat with classics

From previous experiences you have already understood that summers in your classic can get pretty hot. The crew of something like an Austin-Healey 100 / 6 or 3000 can confirm that, just like the passengers of a Jaguar XKE, Triumph, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Jaguar.

This is partly because the insulation of the vehicle is minimal. People used to think that this was not so bad, nowadays that is a reason to say goodbye to the cart. The British company Ratsport has the solution so that you no longer get burned legs when touching something like the gearbox tunnel. Self-adhesive heat and sound-absorbing material that you can stick to the inside of this tunnel. In favorable cases, after dismantling the floor covering, the gearbox tunnel can be dismantled. Degrease and stick well. In less favorable cases you will have to disassemble the gearbox for a good fit, in other cases you will have to remove the engine and gearbox ... The Ratsport material is of such quality that 90 percent (!) Of the usual heat occupants the occupant compartment no longer reached ... You can of course also use this stuff to stick on the inside of the hood, the floor panels - on the side of the exhaust -, the bulkhead. The price is the proof: £ 24,00 per square meter. Excluding shipping.

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