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  • Citroën Type H 1961

    Citroën Type H. Nothing was impossible.

    De Citroën Type H was the legendary delivery van of Citroën and made use of many existing and already proven Citroëncomponents. The Type H was presented in 1947 as the successor to the front-wheel drive – and developed with the Traction Avant among other things – TUB. Sea

  • Fiat 125

    Fiat 125. The Italian volume sports sedan.

    In the second half of the sixties, the sedan range from Fiat undergoes a thorough renovation. In the middle segment the Italians launch the Fiat 1966 in 124, a year later the higher positioned and larger Fiat 125 follows. And it combines modernity with conventional technology. Nevertheless, it is increasingly regarded as revolutionary during its lifetime. Sea

  • BMW E23, the first 7 Series

    BMW E23, the first 7 Series

    In May 1977, the E23 was introduced, better known as the first BMW 7 Series. BMW thus introduced a car that managed to live up to its high positioning in all respects. Sea

  • Matra Rancho

    Matra Rancho

    In 1977, Chrysler daughter Matra shows a new concept at the Geneva Salon. The Matra Rancho gives substance to a new form of car use. Sea

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    Half a century young. The New Cars of 1972. Part Two

    A number of cars are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year. That's a decent number, because 1972 brought a lot of new car models. Traditionally, we put a number of newcomers from the past in the spotlight. Today we present part two, with two new Italians from then: the Fiat 126 and the Lancia Beta. In October 1972 the new […] Sea

  • Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet

    Unique. The only Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet in the world

    Let's go back to the 2016 Bremen Classic Motor Show, when there was no lockdown yet and the world mainly knew Corona from the beer and the car. During the Bremen Classic Motor Show, the large crowd had the opportunity to see some special Karmann models and prototypes. The main theme was a rare collection. Not far from the Sonderschau was a car that would certainly have fitted in. However, it was not part of the Karmann collection, but was owned by the German Stephan Wöber: the Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet. Sea

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    Audi, NSU and the importer conflict in the polder

    In August 1969 VW took over NSU. The new subsidiary was merged with Audi. This caused problems in the Netherlands between the importers of NSU and Audi. Van Oorschot (NSU) and Hart Nibbrig and Greeve (Audi) fought a legal battle. In 1974, Pon became the smiling third. Sea

  • Fiat 600 D

    Fiat 600. Strong concept, internationally loved

    Ask various car enthusiasts about a favorite Fiat model, and often you will hear the type name 500. Its popularity has risen to mythical proportions. However, the 600 served the ever-growing group of buyers who were able to afford a smaller car as early as 1955. It could accommodate four people, who, thanks in part to […] Sea

  • BMW 1502

    BMW 1502. Restrained farewell to an era.

    In August 1975 BMW presented its 3-series. It marked a new step in the luxury small middle class segment. Its predecessor, the BMW -02 series, had been important for the Bavarian manufacturer in this specific market area. The arrival of the newcomer did not mean the final goodbye to the -02 series. Because the BMW 1975 introduced in January 1502 was allowed to keep the honor of the -02 series high for a few more years.

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    Half a century young. The New Cars of 1972. Part One

    A new year has arrived. That means a number of important cars are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year. And 1972 brought many new car models. Traditionally, we put a number of newcomers from the past in the spotlight. Today we present part one. And in it we highlight the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, the Honda Civic, the Renault 5 and […] Sea

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    Looking back on 2021 and my choice for the classic of the year

    The year 2021 is over. Despite the pandemic gloom that characterized the past year, everyone involved knew about Auto Motor Klassiek manage to create twelve magazines and countless stories for you. I contributed regularly to the magazine and online. Thanks in part to the various reports, I experienced […] Sea

  • Mercedes-Benz C123 coupé in the C 123 (1977 to 1985) model series. Photo from 1980.

    Mercedes-Benz C123, stylish coupé

    In March 1977, Mercedes-Benz showed the new variant of the W123 at the Geneva Salon. The Mercedes-Benz sedan had become particularly successful within a year and provided an excellent basis for developing more variants. The coupé was the new variation on the theme in 1977. The Mercedes-Benz C123 was a balanced coupé in several respects. Sea

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