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  • Chambord II

    The Great Simcas of the Fifties

    When Europe arose from the ruins of the Second World War in 1945, the situation in France was one of utter helplessness. Not only had the country been a fierce battleground in 1940 and 1944, it had been intensively looted by Germany to obtain the machinery and materials for the Eastern Front. What remained was used for German war production, but fleeing from the Allies, the Germans took with them what they could and destroyed what they did not want to fall into the hands of the enemy. When peace finally came, the production of cars and trucks had stopped Sea

  • in

    Trabant. the family friend

    Below we are going to subject the maligned Trabantje to a critical, but fair test. Was he really that bad? Was there really a waiting list to buy one? Was he really a traffic hazard and was he frugal? How useful and how reliable was the Trabi and did it really emit defoliant? Please read on. Sea

  • 3xGT

    Opel. The swinging sixties

    Olympia, Olympia-Rekord, Kapitan, Blitz. In the 50s, the range of the American-German manufacturer Opel was solid, affordable, voluminous and ... bourgeois. “Opel, that Zuverlässige.” The reliable. The word "sporty" was not in the vocabulary. Beautiful coupes and roaring exhausts was something for loose-minded Italians or eccentric British. But that would soon change. Sea

  • Volvo P1800 B20E Jensen 1971 restoration tuning red p1800e thesaint scaled 1

    Volvo P1800 / 1800S / 1800E / 1800ES. The Saint's car

    Volvo came into existence when the world's largest ball bearing manufacturer SKF decided in 1927 to also build cars. Ball bearings also gave the name of the new member: Volvo means “I roll”. An article about the Volvo P1800, 1800S, 1800E and 1800ES. Sea

  • MZ TS250

    A motorcycle by mail order

    “I ordered a motorcycle by mail order last night,” said the boy in the school yard. “And soon I will come to school with it.” Sea

  • It's 1969, Yeaahh baby!

    The special designs of Ogle Design

    It's 1969 and the cinemas are showing “Easy Rider”, a cult film that reflects exactly what the young generation felt. Freedom! Spin the throttle on a chopper, to the sounds of Creedence Clearwater Revival. A new era was approaching, dominated by Aquarius, everything became possible. Drugs, free love, the pill, the psychedelic colors, the miniskirt, Woodstock, in your ears John Fogerty sings “Get your motor running”… Sea

  • Volvo 66

    The last Dafs

    What was the last Daf? The 46, most people will say. Correct. The Daf 46 was the last, until 1977, to bear the Daf logo. The Volvo 66! That was really just a Daf 66 with Volvo logos on it, wasn't it? And it was sold until 1980. Sea

  • Topolino C 1953

    NSU-Fiat, a fight divorce

    NSU, ​​we know that. It stands for the Neckarsulmer Strickmaschinen-Union, yes, the 'knitting machine union'. A striking number of car manufacturers were born 'in the textile industry'.

    And yes, Fiat, who doesn't know that. One of the largest car companies in the world. Fiat also has a meaning: the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino.

    Once upon a time there was a brand called NSU-Fiat. And the story of that brand is of Mice and Mussolini, of friendship and war, of love and hate. And it started with a forced marriage. Sea

  • in

    The ŠKODA that didn't come

    Between 1965 and 1977, Skoda developed their new mid-sized car under the name “Project 720”. The car would be positioned above the existing 1000MB and move away from the rear-engined and rear-drive concept. Sea

  • Taunus 12m

    Taunus 12m

    After Yuri Gagarin made a successful space trip around the Earth in 1961, US President Kennedy promised to be the first country in the world to put a man on the Moon. That would take another eight years. But someone at Ford came up with the idea of ​​having their latest model cover the shortest distance Earth-Moon non-stop. And it worked. Sea

  • 1964 12 Ford Mustang

    The Pony Car

    By 1960, the US was at the top. The country had emerged from the war unscathed 15 years earlier as a superpower, had a thriving economy, a bulging treasury and for a time produced more than half of the world's cars. The country was also extremely youthful: half of Americans were under the age of 20! No wonder that's where pop culture originated, around the jukebox, the burger joint and the drive-in cinema. And not much later, the 'baby boomers' would reach the age where an income, a home, a steady life partner and a family were within reach. And – on installment – ​​also a car. Sea

  • Opel Diplomat A V8 Coupe 1965 1967 front left 2008 07 17 U

    Opel Diplomat A Coupe. A Gran Turismo from Rüsselsheim

    Welcome aboard. The huge door closes with a reassuring thud. You sit on wonderfully soft, leather-covered seats. All around you is chrome and wood veneer. Everything is beautifully and tastefully finished. The large windows are all domed and have a soft green tint. The beautiful, two-tone steering wheel has a chrome-plated horn ring. The elongated speedometer goes up to 250 kilometers per hour. Sea

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