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    Sprained ankle? Replace the engine block column

    Motorcycling is dangerous. Check! Smoking is dangerous. Check! Alcohol is unhealthy. However? You die from life. The household is by far the most dangerous place to live when it comes to accidents and after every weekend the ICs are full of crashed mountain bikers. Issues? Challenges! And then you can of course also hurt your ankle when you let out […] More

  • Volvo 340 GL

    Volvo 340

    Volvo 340. The car that was actually a DAF. A car that was launched included teething problems that you would expect with British or Italian cars. The car with the advanced stepless drive of the DAFs from before. These 'as good as Volvos' survived their difficult childhood and became well-behaved bourgeois compact middle-class cars. More

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    Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from 1965 at Catawiki

    An Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from the first series and from Italy itself. How real can you have it? This slender Italian thoroughbred can be found on the Catawiki website. Take the train to Italy and come back with the Alfa. How beautiful can a relationship start with a new classic? How beautiful can […] More

  • Suzuki GS1000

    Suzuki GS1000

    The new motorcycling started with the Honda CB750F. That's what they had in the head about at Kawasaki. Because at Kawa they also thought they would surprise the world with something so beautiful. That dream Kawa Z750 was a more modern, better machine. But at Kawasaki they came up with something to make him not only 'the second 750 cc four-cylinder' […] More

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    Phaeton: writing off for advanced students

    The Phaeton? That was an automobile from the absolute top segment. And VW put 'the brand' without an all too clear VW link. Because otherwise you would just think that it could be a Wave with kapsones. The car was presented at the Geneva Salon in 2002. And production continued until 2016. After that, a fully electric version was provided. However, due to lack of perspective, production was converted to that of the profitable idea E-Golf. More

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    Brake fluid and brake hoses

    Classic motorbikes and cars also have brakes. And that compared to their current offspring they are often endearing rather than effective? Ah: it used to be different times. It was less busy. The motorcycles and cars were not as fast. And the technology has not stood still. More

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    The Vosges - column

    The Vosges were once the holiday area for brave Dutch people who even dared to cross the borders of Belgium and Luxembourg. The locals quickly picked up on this and to this day as a Dutch-speaking person you are surprisingly well understood. The Vosges are a kind of Ardennes XXL. You can steer wonderfully without scary hairpin bends and fellow motorcyclists falling over. When it is a wet and cold day, you can warm up in the Roman thermal baths of Plombières les Bains. More

  • Mercedes-Benz V8

    Mercedes-Benz V8

    Twelve cylinders are for exotics. But V8 engines are the standard when it comes to Groot & Sterk. Mercdes-Benz has of course become famous for the indestructible and tractor slow 200D models. But those were taxis and cars for the better kind of representatives. Mercedes showed its muscles with the Mercedes-Benz V8. More

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    Walking spaghetti (on Beetles)

    There are two reasons to replace an exhaust with a non-original one: taste / finery and tuning. In the case of taste you can be fairly cheap with a small gain on throttle response at low revs and slightly better breathing at higher revs. If you go for tuning, pipe lengths and diameters will change. […] More

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    Motorcycling and Adventure - column

    The motorcyclist who sat on the terrace said: “I have been motorcycling for a year now. But I still haven't experienced anything. ” I looked at his shiny bike and his neat motorcycle outfit. I looked at my motorcycle that most people only think "What an old thing" and thought it was just fresh driving in my T-shirt and sandals. But the farmer's omelet on my plate did his best to make me happy again. More

  • Land Rover Series 1

    Land Rover Series 1

    Landrover, Land-Rover, Laro… What is in a name? After World War II, Rover tried to restart car production as soon as possible. One of the projects was the development of a British replacement for the American CJ-2 Jeep.In no time, an all-terrain vehicle was designed with the same 2-inch wheelbase as a Jeep, but built from mainly British parts from or derived from pre-war Rover. passenger cars. This type was not known until later as 'Land Rover Series 80', when the Series 1 appeared in 1958. More

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