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    Summer, motorcycling. And laces - column

    This weekend it will be too hot to drive a motorcycle. If you dress responsibly, you will die of the heat. In T-shirt and shorts you are guaranteed to get second degree burns. But the day before yesterday it was still doable. When rolling out to a red light, I was driven past by […] More

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    Kit cars. Who has one?

    As a result of our message about the Rizovari, we received the maker's address through Martin Spoelstra. We will pursue that! But the message also put the kit cars phenomenon in the limelight once again. And because kit cars were often open, such a sun always comes in handy. More

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    Rizovari DX11. A 'Namegame'

    Rizovari DX11. 'What is in a name?' It was a very common phenomenon in the early pleasure boat days in the 16s: boats were given names made up of the first letters, woman, man and children. Abbreviation names were hot. Very briefly, the 2M7 was 'ZEF', which stood for 'Sun And Holidays'. 'The XNUMXm Waterlander Cowiri […] More

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    Honda CB750 revisited

    It is very pleasant to notice that Auto Motor Klassiek there is for concerned people and not for vacant consumers. We know this because we regularly receive pleasant feedback from readers. A special Honda CB750 One of the people who recently responded was our Belgian reader Jean Paul Wille. And Jean Paul also has a […] More

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    VW TL, the 'Traurige Lösung'?

    A VW TL 'Fastback'? That was my first car. I bought it from the garage where my father's 1501 Break was serviced. As a conscript soldier, I paid 300 guilders for it. And a good driving TL for 150 euros? It won't be for him anymore. Because Beetles became outdated To then such […] More

  • Mercedes 220

    Mercedes 220

    My father drove very early in company cars. After an Opel Olympia and an Opel Rekord there was a Simca 1500. Then a Simca 1501 Special Break. More

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    Bad luck on the way - a column

    It's outdated, but I almost always stop for people (M / F or gender neutral) with bad luck. Except for lease knights and princesses. Because they have a structural mobility guarantee. Bad luck and 'breakdown' After the corner someone got out of a squat position, turned to me and raised a hand forcibly. "Stop!" Well, I estimated the probability that […] More

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    Bentley by Petersen

    In the days before Bentley became a German prestige brand, Bentley was already a phenomenal brand. An absolute top class brand. A kind of Rolls-Royce with sporty ambitions. Bentley became legendary by the Bentley Boys. More

  • BSA B31 / 33

    BSA B31 / 33

    BSA B31 / 33, BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms. And what does a weapons factory do if peace breaks out? As a weapon manufacturer, they first started to produce bicycles and bicycle parts and only then - from 1907 to 1939 - cars. From 1910, also motorcycles. BSA was once very large and leading worldwide. More

  • Gatso 1500 Sport Platje

    Maus Gatsonides was one of them!

    Maurice 'Maus' Gatsonides was born on the island of Java, in what was then the Dutch East Indies. He wanted to become a military aviator. But he was rejected and started a garage business. Maus Gatsonides was technically extremely creative, a bon vivant and a passionate and successful rally driver. More

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    SS Party!

    SS Cars is the progenitor of the respected and esteemed Jaguar. 'SS' of course stood for 'Swallow Sidecars', later for Swallow Special. But through Sir William Lyons himself, 'SS' already stands for 'Standard Swallow' in the pre-war 'Jaguars'. Standard was the supplier of the engine blocks. And that that brand name after the Second World War did not seem to be the pinnacle of tight marketing? So something was found there. SS Cars became 'Jaguar'. Sir Lyons had traditionally chosen that name from 500 animal names. And it turned out not to be a bad choice. More

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