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    Maico 500. Maico and automobile construction

    Maico was founded by Ulrich Maisch and his associates. That soon became Maico. In 1926 the company started as a bicycle manufacturer. And in 1934 motorcycle production began with purchased engine blocks. More

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    Budget thinking

    Fortunately, there are still plenty of 'old school' motorcycle shops where the workshop rates are human and friendly, and craftsmanship are even cost-limiting factors. Fortunately! And riding on the famous English 'shoestring' has also given me more pleasure in richer times than having a motorcycle that the dealer says you shouldn't even speak encouragingly to in the workshop. More

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    Vacation from then - column

    You got up, grabbed your papers and a toothbrush, got up, and headed off. That's how you used to go on vacation. Somewhere in the afternoon - after having arranged overnight accommodation in the outskirts of Verdun - there was a stop on a village terrace. The French still call WWI 'La Grande Guerre'. More

  • VW Jeg

    VW Jeg. Or rather: Jeg

    A lot has already been done on the basis of Volkswagen technology. This varies from putting all kinds of plastic bodywork on a complete rolling VW platform to using VW boxer blocks in motorcycles. More

  • Ferrari GTO 250

    Ferrari 250 GTO. "What is a name?"

    Ferrari has lost trademark rights to the world's most expensive and perhaps the most iconic car in its storied history: the 250 Ferrari 1962 GTO. More

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    Hotchkiss M201: Jeeps from France

    In the context of the liberation, now 75 years ago, we have a very interesting Jeep story in the planning. But there are also less interesting Jeeps. At least. They were until recently. They were seen as 'not real'. Still, the Hotchkiss Jeeps were and are quite real. More

  • Martaré

    Martaré is back!

    When you hear that, you fold back in your chair. Martaré! Back! Finally! Or maybe you think "Never heard of it"? Maybe a seventies audio manufacturer? Well no. But there was music in the brand: The pleasantly characteristic hum of a VW boxer. And Martaré was a Dutch brand. More

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    Electronic ignition and LED lighting

    Meanwhile, there is a whole generation of technicians who look glassy when they see contact points. A while ago, a Road Warden became almost emotional when he was allowed to help someone who had bad luck. That was pure nostalgia for him. More

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    Mancave - column

    I've been a man for as long as I can remember. That is not always an easy, but it is quite an interesting situation. Generally speaking, I no longer belong to the group of men who only use their soft side to sit on, but I am certainly not a man who constantly wants to share his thoughts or even worse, his emotions. But I try to live consciously and respectfully in my clumsy way. Only when really necessary do I use meaningful violence. More

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    End of season - column

    Like old folks, you shouldn't expose classics to all elements. So between two showers the side valve got a final kick of this very long classic season. And then on a weekday you are the only motorcyclist you will meet. More

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    BMW is not an old-fashioned brand

    "BMWs are old-fashioned motorcycles." "I am too young to drive a BMW." "You are never too old to drive a BMW." You can see that last comment positively. But BMW simply had the reputation of being a somewhat sluggish, expensive motorcycle. More

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    Winter storage. Autumn, martens and mice

    Nice: autumn light and autumn colors. And we take our beloved classics to safe places for an undisturbed hibernation. The ones that just have to keep working for all sorts of highly justifiable reasons. More

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