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  • Fiat 600 Savio Junggla

    Fiat 600 Savio Junggla

    On the basis of the Fiat 500 and Fiat 600, many playful minds have already given their thoughts free rein. Because Italians are Italians, the first approach was to make these (very) compact rear-wheel drive units with the rear engine… as quickly as possible. Then we immediately think of the legendary Abarths and all the brave toddlers who at least had the looks of an Abarth. But the Fiat 500-600 also inspired people with a more businesslike outlook on life. Like the makers at Savio, who thought that such a Fiat would be an excellent basis for a government car. The Fiat 600 Savio Jungla. Sea

  • DSCN0880

    BMW K1. Dream bike or nightmare?

    BMW made 'old cock engines'. That was clearly the perception of the more dynamic motorcyclists after the arrival of the large, fast Japanese four-cylinder. But sturdy blond techies with square foreheads above their blue eyes can of course also go crazy. Also at BMW. If you just give them the chance. So the BMW K1. Sea

  • DSCN7397

    Knowing people ... that's what it's all about – column

    I don't have a lot of money, but I know a lot of people. On the other hand: I don't really care about money. And money doesn't really care about me. But with a lot of people you can apparently make money. Friend Jan – he is Slovakian and works from London – is a real estate agent who gets his income from his network. So it is possible. Sea

  • Triumph Trident

    Triumph trident. What's in a name?

    A trident. A spear with a personality disorder. Or cutlery for a lover of five pound steaks. And traditionally the weapon from the PSU of Poseidon, a God from the time when people still believed in Gods. And the unimaginative ones. But dramatically charged type name for three-cylinder combustion engines. The Triumph So trident. Sea

  • Ariens Harley

    Harley-Davidson: A chiseled purchase?

    Then you have a few tensions: Factory originals are rare. Plus the well-known statement “You don't write anything off on a Harley”. The bike in the photos started life as an 883 Sportster. The block grew to 1200 cc and was further tuned. In the conversion to 'high-potential', the builder spent about twenty years […] Sea

  • Calais6

    Winter tires – column

    If you have just read a story about the allroad winter tires, you can handle the winter again. Not because they are available in the sizes of my bike, that's not even an allroad, but the idea gives peace of mind. When you hear that Great Barr Motorcycle Breakers in Birmingham is such a fun motorcycle wreck, […] Sea

  • Honda SP4

    Honda CB900 F in war colors

    Revolutions are also becoming outdated. And where the Honda CB750 F was earth-shattering news in 1969, the Honda CB750 K7 (1977-1978) was the last of the Honda four-cylinder story with single overhead camshafts. The K7 (and the K8) was a good, now almost classically styled engine for people who found the Honda F1 and F2 four-cylinder too modern or just ugly. And those F1 and F2 were Honda's latest attempt at keeping their trusty long-standing until the company finished its overhead cam models. Sea

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    the self-builders

    When a modern motorcyclist wants to show off his or her unique individuality? Then he or she simply checks off the option list that the manufacturer has made for his model. For a few brands, those option lists have grown into almost voluptuous books. If all that beauty is also mounted by the dealer, then even the warranty is retained. We find this approach a sign of weakness and so we came back to the corner of the self-builders. So a while ago we made an appeal to find out what still lives among us, classic enthusiasts. Sea

  • Dolf at Frank

    Back to square one – column

    Some of us have many of our best dreams and memories from the late XNUMXs and XNUMXs. That was the time when Honda made motorcycling an acceptable pastime worldwide. And the time when the fast learning Japanese motorcycle makers became the absolute market leaders. The Japanese made high-tech motorcycles that were complete, […] Sea

  • snow

    Time for reflection – column

    For inexplicable reasons, GeKra Motors and Richard Busweilers Ural and Dnepr shop do not appear to be essential companies. So let's 'mess' (quote Richard Busweiler) a bit. And we think back to the time when the world was still young and Covid-free. That was the time when motorcyclists did not yet have a manual non-smoking and Spa drinking TomTom or […] Sea

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