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    Monica, a personal ad

    The Monica V8 was a project by Jean Tastevin, a graduate engineer from the École Centrale de Paris. He thought it was a shame that no luxury fast cars were made in France. The Monicas were produced between 1972 and 1974 in the commune of Balbigny in the Loire department. About 40 were made, of which there seem to be six left worldwide. At the time, the Monica 560 V8 was considered by many car enthusiasts to be a beautiful French supercar and the natural successor to the earlier famous Facel Vega HK500 V8 GT. Smaller V8s were also used in F1 race cars. And therein lies our link. More

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    Tatra T87: an expensive thing

    In the former Eastern bloc countries, now that there are people with money there too, there is a special form of nostalgia: 'The Ostalgie'. When walls and systems fell, our deadly enemies didn't know how quickly to embrace the capitalist system. Regret comes afterwards The first approach was to give up en masse everything that reminded us of the past: […] More

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    A tour with classic BMWs – column

    If you're invited for a ride with some classic BMW drivers, you accept that invitation. It's always good to be in good company. Especially if you are two Moto Guzzi riders. Guzzi's are the least swanky Italian motorcycles and the V-twins have BMW-compatible solidity. The crazier was it that […] More

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    The Little Guzzis. The story is coming

    After riding 'fat' old Guzzi's for about 25 years, I thought it would be a good idea to downgrade a bit. Not as far as the brand is concerned. The least swanky motorcycle brand from Italy simply has a warm place in my heart. And once 50 hp from 650 cc was a dream value for a serious […] More

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    What is American? what is classic

    Made in the USA: look, buyers took the plunge. Because nothing beats a Harley-Davidson. Or it should be a VT 1100 cc Honda Ace. And it does its utmost to resemble a Harley, from the time when they were not only assembled in the USA. Friend Victor is happy about it in a somewhat chuckle-like way. He is too 'young' to be infected with the legendary Harley virus. More

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    Roadside repairs – column

    Roadside repairs? Wouldn't there be a good Dutch name for that? Is there such a thing as a 'mobility guarantee' nowadays? With us classic drivers, that mobility guarantee sometimes means that you start tinkering – preferably in the rain and/or darkness – in order to guarantee your mobility again. Well wave. Stop […] More

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    A battery of 50.000 euros

    It is legislation and European. So usually pointless. Or not? Battery acid can be used, just like fertilizer, to make bombs. And don't we all want that? Well, that's no longer the case. Because as of January 1, 2021 it is illegal to buy the separate acid packs that come with batteries supplied with 'dry' […] More

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    Loud pipes… Irritate like hell – column

    It has now been scientifically researched: No matter how open your exhausts are, motorists really don't hear you. The rest of the world does. And the rest are increasingly pissed off by that noise. Even me, as an old school biker, it annoys me. But there are people who are a bit hypersensitive to what we like […] More

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    Sidecar driving. The difference

    Auto Motor Klassiekreader, fellow villager and good friend Hans Beltman asked: “When are you going to write something about sidecar driving. How does that compare to normal motorcycling.” Hans has been dreaming about tricycles lately… So here it is: for Hans. But everyone can enjoy it! Hans has an advantage He is a classic driver with a broad view. […] More

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    Norton Wankel, the air-cooled

    Modern people have been thinking about a software system with that name for a generation+. But before that, way before that, Norton was a renowned motorcycle brand, 'the unaproachable' on tracks. The unapproachable. Later it became a somewhat convulsive brand that made rather unreliable 500 cc command blocks based on the ancient 850 cc principles. Part of the unreliability was also due to an old and tired machine park and staff who saw periods of work as annoying interruptions to the strike. More

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    Hugo's Sachsclub

    Okay. There are more brilliant puns made. But still… Sachs. For the over-XNUMXs and early seventies, Sachs was a world-leading manufacturer of single-cylinder two-strokes. We / they may also remember that playboy Günther Sachs who had a relationship with Brigitte Bardot. He committed suicide. But that wasn't out of heartbreak. He was suffering from Alzheimer's and wanted to forget it. More

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