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    It used to be… well. Well done

    Hits aren't necessarily my thing. I myself am a member of a two-man motorcycle club with room for one aspiring member. But that doesn't mean I've never attended or visited meetings. I remember a meeting in England, sometime in the mid-seventies. And I remember a Ural/Dnepr meeting about 25 years ago. England in the autumn sun was fantastic and none of the Triumphs of our group gave problems. More

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    Better half turned… – column

    I met him in Arnhem and recognized him. The son of a motorcycling acquaintance, now it seems that he is already a well-worn thirties. So the son, not the father. I knew he also rode a motorcycle and he was wearing an old leather jacket with a sewn on Triumph emblem. The jacket was really old. Not fancy vintage. As I said, he looked rather drunk for what I remembered as his age. More

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    Still a dry weekend – column

    We had almost kept the weekend dry. Only on the terrace of the Seagull we got a little rain. But it wasn't cold and we were dressed fairly waterproof. So while the other terrace-sitters fled inside, we stayed put. The wait staff served the triple portion of bitterballen with those funny paper umbrellas usually used for sorbets or cocktails. More

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    Yamaha YDS3 and the Autolube

    It's all 'water under the bridge', but 'earlier' the motorcycle world was different. The motorcycles still had a lot to learn and the people who worked for the importers were not yet very standardized. There was still plenty of room for improvement and characters. More

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    Barn Finds: Treasure or Scrap?

    It's probably an age thing. But the number of barn finds is rising almost faster than our pride in Max. Max can go along for a long time. However, the barn finds are often the legacy of people who have stopped going. Here in the east people say about a deceased “Ie is uut de tit”. He is […] More

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    in ,


    That was from the days when TV was still black and white and had two channels: “Catweazle”. Catweazle was an English TV children's series that aired for two seasons in the United Kingdom (and other countries): in 1970 and 1971. In the Netherlands, seasons 1 and 2 of the series were broadcast by NOS; for the first time on Sunday, January 4, 1970. More

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    The Bonneville and the Old Lady

    Crossing the border for a weekend, that's how you do it if you live in the east of the country. You can grab the car for that if you plan on shopping cheaply. But it's more fun on the bike. And as a motorcyclist, as a rider of a classic motorcycle, you usually have a smooth and pleasant contact with our eastern neighbors. More

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    The originality blues. A sequel

    The last word has not yet been written about the originality of classics. There are people who go for 'factory original'. There are people who can appreciate 'time originality'. That is a somewhat emerging trend because the prices of quite a few factory-original classics have become quite stiff. More

  • Harley sidesp WL

    You're getting older Daddy, admit it…. (part2) – column

    We classic enthusiasts usually have the right to talk about 'the old days'. Apart from my friend Rens, I know very few members of our tribe who are younger than 60, or even 50. Lucky we are boys. So when we stand in front of the mirror while shaving, we still see the young God of yesteryear. This is in happy contrast to the more pleasantly sculpted species, which tend to form an exaggeratedly critical self-image from the age of twenty-five. More

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    No more vegetarian BBQs

    Of course it's fun to blow up and down the Stelvio. But within the small-scale happiness you could go to Motorcamping Het Dijkje by Joop de Jonge in Eck en Wiel for 22 years. More

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    Suzuki T500. From superbike to discounted middle engine

    I bought a blue one for 600 guilders. I had a very nice green cream for 1.000 guilders. I traded one with a highly explosive ex-sprint block for some parts. My second sidecar combination was one. With a Reimo one-in-one expansion pipe. I bought it in Tiel for 2250 guilders. And then there was that orange Suzuki T500 from Alphen. Those times are over. More

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    YICS and other afkos

    At the beginning of the eighties, the idea was to run combustion engines cleaner and more economically. It seemed as if they already knew that the petrol here would cost almost 2 euros. Suzuki was working on the Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers, Honda successfully experimented with the CVCC, or Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion and that was the start of a whole lot of cleverness with Yamaha's YICS that now leaves us with a pile of abbreviations. Kewl!

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