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    Knokke Grand Prix 2021: Concours d'Elegance – a report

    The 't Zoute competition has been part of a select group for several years, including events such as Goodwood, Villa D'Este and Pebble Beach. The area is immediately beautiful, because the Royal Zoute Golf Club is one of the best. The Sparrendreef with the stately villas is the only entrance gate and so you are immediately in the mood before you even set one foot on the grass. It is not my intention to list the exhibited cars, so I will only take a few.   Sea

  • Oldsmobile Saloon (1946)

    Oldsmobile Sedan (1946) by Frans. The joy of driving… 

    Wasn't America always the land of happiness and prosperity? Where is the 'Sky the limit'? This dream world is not for everyone. But perhaps for Frans, because he found this extraordinarily special Oldsmobile in a reasonably good condition, which it now drives around after 7 years of restoration work (!).  Sea

  • ZZ Top Eliminator

    Ian Guy. This artist captures classic cars in paintings

    Ian Guy is a British artist inspired by classic cars and motorcycles. Among other things, he became fascinated by vehicles that appeared in films or video clips and shows an extensive collection of paintings on his website. From the General Lee of The Dukes of Hazzard, to a special focus on the Ford that became famous thanks to the band ZZ Top.  Sea

  • This beautiful Coupe is kurz gesagt OK

    Auto Motor Klassiek in November and a preview

    The new one is now Auto Motor Klassiek, the November issue, ready for the printer. We have again tried to make it a nice varied piece of reading material, together with our editors. Sea

  • Trabant combi 1,1 (1990)

    Trabant 601 sedan (1964) and Trabant combi 1,1 (1990) from Aram. Go Trabi Go. 

    How many Trabants would still be alive of the almost 3 million copies produced? If it is up to Aram, many more should be preserved, because he is a truly original pure Trabant enthusiast. But unfortunately not that many of the icon of East German culture remain. What is special is that there is increasing interest in the classic Trabant and of course no longer being built. That makes the value go up. Sea

  • Opel A Manta (1975)

    Opel A Manta (1975) by Feike Jan. The ultimate sports car. 

    Owning a 1/1 model often leads to the purchase of a miniature, do you recognize that? But can it also be the other way around? In the display case in Feike Jan's garage is a small model of the Opel A Manta, exactly in the color of the Opel his father had. Sea

  • Rolls Royce under sail photo Jacques van den Bergh 5

    Rolls-Royce under sail

    Actually, I can't remember ever being able to spot a special car in the open air in the Netherlands. But on Friday, July 30, I saw this car to my amazement. You could tell he had once been under a tarpaulin. Sea

  • Austin A30 1

    Austin A30: Unique in shape and design

    Sometimes you have a chance meeting where the owner is eager to show his 'small classic car' to others. He was willing to reveal that he was a big fan of small classic cars such as the Italian bambinos (Fiat/Autobianchi) and English saloons such as this Austin A30. However, we didn't get to hear the story behind the car, so we thought it would be fun to dive into the (advertising) past of this 'everymans' car.  Sea

  • Ford Consul Coupe (1974)

    Henry Ford Consul Coupe (1974). Functional beauty. 

    When you see this beautiful and much-loved classic 1974 Ford Consul Coupé in a parking lot, you become incredibly curious about the story of this classic car. A note under the windshield wiper is then the only way to get in touch with the owner. This time contact was made quickly and the voice in the phone immediately sounded energetic and enthusiastic about the Ford classic hobby.  Sea

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