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  • Jeep GJ 10-A

    Jeep GJ 10-A tractor unit (1986): Brute force

    A Jeep as a hobby vehicle with character, an impressive appearance that also exudes raw power. (A Jeep is only a Jeep if it has a Jeep on it.) Such a tough Jeep is actually an inspiration for adventure. Previously, his working life was in the US Air Force where he had the military task of driving the planes in and out of the hangars.  More

  • Saab 96 (1971)

    Saab 96 (1971). Swedish beauty for everyday use

    Some people are born Saabrijder and Willem Vijn is one of them. For him, his 96 Saab 1971 never gets out of date. Saab a brand that almost everyone knows and clearly has its own face. For Wim this is the ideal classic for daily use. More

  • Citroën Traction Avant 11 BL (1954)

    Citroën Traction Avant 11 BL (1954): Enviously beautiful. 

    Few cars were built in the last century that had as much character as the Citroën Traction Avant. With this Citroën also came the definitive breakthrough of front-wheel drive. Over time he appeared in various versions. Maybe that's why quite a few have been preserved and luckily you will come across several in the summer months.  More

  • Renault Rambler (1966)

    Renault Rambler (1966): Stylish 'French' American for Christiaan Aaldijk ... 

    Has this beautiful and stylish car - in the higher price range - from the 60s already been erased from your memory? In this color scheme a fantastic car to see and also rare. There are six more to drive around in the Netherlands and you will therefore see very little in the 'wild'. Christiaan is a good exception. He cherishes his 'American' with a link to Renault. More

  • Volkswagen T1

    Volkswagen T1 bus (1969). The world of Volkswagen for Douwe. 

    If you have been chef in a VW garage for 46 years and have experienced the very successful development, you can certainly speak of 'the world of Volkswagen' with him. A man who knows the entire VW catalog by heart and who effortlessly mentions the serial numbers of all parts. He is now rightfully 'Pensionado' and enjoys his spare time in which Volkswagen still plays a leading role.  More

  • VW Golf GTI (1980)

    VW Golf GTI (1980) by Leen Bosgraaf: "Gleaming the best"

    The Volkswagen Golf has long established itself in the annals of automotive history. When the VW Golf GTI appeared, a new chapter was added: A Volkswagen with sports car performance! Leen praises the power source in the front, which is unparalleled in terms of temperament and sportiness.  More

  • Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth (1984)

    Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth (1984): Approval looks for Bouke. 

    Don't let the nameplate on the back of the car fool you, because the Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth is a truly original 130 TC. Together with his brother and father Mient they live completely in the Ritmo world. And in the world of Abarth, the well-known Italian tuner. Because their passion lies mainly in the sporty models from Fiat.  More

  • Mercedes E 290 TD (1999) ambulance

    Mercedes E 290 TD (1999): Mobile heritage for Christian Hoogstra 

    In his working life, Christian has been an ambulance driver as well as manager of the UMCG fleet in Groningen. So he contributed to the health of the University Medical Center by keeping the large ambulance fleet up-to-date. Part of the concern is also that the urgent transport is carried out perfectly.  More

  • Peugeot 504 Cabriolet (1971)

    Peugeot 504 Cabriolet (1971). Gjalt's miracle on wheels.

    You tend to softly sing the French national anthem when you come face to face with this beautiful light blue and impressive Peugeot. After almost 50 years you can still see the power of the Pininfarina creation, you can rightly call it timeless. What a beautiful 'voiture' and what a design, what a streamline. The Peugeot 504 Cabriolet radiates power and speed.  More

  • Kreidler Florett special (1966)

    Kreidler Florett special (1966). Superb style for Jelle. 

    Every elderly person who feels younger knows this legendary moped. The top model of the Kreidler Fahrzeugbau from Stuttgart. It was solid, in a solid design with a long lifespan. Although… if you look closer it is not the moped that came as standard. It is in fact a version of a light motorcycle that originally came from Switzerland and was exhibited in a collection for years.  More

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