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  • Most expensive car in the world

    The most expensive car in the world at Louwman

    The car that is suspected to be the most expensive car in the world will be in the Louwman Museum in the coming months. The Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé can be seen at the Silver Arrows exhibition from 7 July to 2 September. 100 million: The Most Expensive Car in the World Of course we went to have a look […] Sea

  • Mercedes-Benz

    Special Mercedessen at Louwman

    The Louwman Museum is showing seven special Mercedes-Benz this summer. Seven special cars from the 300s are on display in collaboration with the brand's factory museum. Hypercar One of them is das Blaue Wunder, the famous race transporter based on the 170 SL. With a speed of XNUMX kilometers per hour, racing cars could go to […] Sea

  • Porsche book

    Unique Porsche book

    Porsche has released the Porsche book 'Into the Frame'. In the Porsche book you will find the largest collection of classic Porsches and their owners you will probably ever encounter in a book. Last year, Porsche organized trips for the brand's classic cars. Classic in this case was understood to mean: models that were at least ten years […] Sea

  • International Amsterdam Motor Show
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    It is not an AutoRAI, but what is it? International Amsterdam Motor Show

    This Easter weekend the first edition of the International Amsterdam Motor Show will take place in the RAI in Amsterdam. Because the RAI was also the location for the AutoRAI, the comparison quickly arises. Yet the IAMS is completely different. When we recently ran into co-organizer Sjoerd van Stokkum, he already said it: […] Sea

  • Volkswagen

    Volkswagen bus returns

    It took a while, but finally Volkswagen comes with a new Bus. The brand first announced a possible comeback since 2001, but now it really seems to be coming. The return of the legendary Volkswagen bus, once invented by Ben Pon, was announced at Pebble Beach last weekend. The base […] Sea

  • Infiniti

    New: a classic Infiniti

    At Pebble Beach, Infiniti shows the Prototype 9, an example of what a racing car from the brand in the 40s could have looked like. For discussion, of course: is it great that the Japanese brand also has an eye for classics and classic events, or is it pure kitsch? The luxury brand of Nissan is proud of […] Sea

  • Herbie

    Herbie meets young fan

    Although the first Herbie movie hit theaters in 1969, the special Beetle movie still has young fans. Like ten-year-old Anouk Zwagerman, for example. Her dream came true yesterday when she got to see one of the original movie cars. We recently registered Auto Motor Klassiek about Herbie, because one of the original movie cars is […] Sea

  • ADAC GT Masters

    This is most similar to classic touring car racing

    This weekend the program at Circuit Zandvoort is packed: the ADAC GT Masters are guests on the circuit. "This is most like classic touring car racing," says driver Nick Catsburg. The race weekend already started on Friday, but will last until Sunday. The highlight is of course the GT3 cars from Audi, BMW, Corvette, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, […] Sea

  • British racing Festival

    British Race Festival: getting better and better

    The British Race Festival took place in Zandvoort last weekend. The event based on British motorsport is getting better every year. The Italian event Italia a Zandvoort has been a well-attended event on the circuit for many years. The British Race Festival needs a little more time to get going, but that too is now […] Sea

  • Mclaren

    Amanda McLaren opens exhibition in Louwman Museum

    The daughter of McLaren founder Bruce McLaren, Amanda, opened the McLaren exhibition at the Louwman Museum yesterday. The exhibition shows both the racing cars and the street cars of the brand. Bruce McLaren started the Bruce McLaren Racing Team in 1963. Only three years later, the team entered Formula 1, where in 1968 […] Sea

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    Record number of visitors sees Lancia win at Het Loo

    The annual Concours d'Elégance Paleis Het Loo was won last weekend by a beautiful Lancia Astura Serie II. A record number of visitors saw how the unique Lancia won the cup. Until now, the Concours d'Elégance has always stuck at just under 25.000 visitors. Although the organization increases the number of visitors to this year's edition […] Sea

  • VolvoDrive

    1.500 Volvo's in Best

    The annual VolvoDrive Meeting in Best was bigger than ever. According to the organization, no fewer than 1.500 cars came to the event yesterday. Admittedly, bigger than ever was not that difficult in this case, because the event was only organized for the second time. At a well-known location, because also the annual PUUR Porsche […] Sea

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