Austin-Healey prototype: TOX 611

Very special: prototype of the Austin-Healey 100 / 6
Very special: prototype of the Austin-Healey 100 / 6
Gerrit AH Frieman, previously chairman of the Austin-Healey Owners Club Netherlands for decades, drew our attention to the availability of a very special Austin-Healey. It is basically a 100 / 4 BN1 from 1953. During production, the car was taken off the tire and handed over to Dick Gallimore, the great man of Austin's experimental prototype department at the time.

Tinkered for the following three years. Austin wanted a successor for the 100 / 4. For example, the engine compartment was rebuilt to accommodate the 2.600 cc six-cylinder, but also the bodywork from an 2 seat to an 2 + 2. This makes it a very special Healey and a unique asset to the enthusiast for his collection. The car was fully restored a few years ago after a working life and - unfortunately - now equipped with chromed wire wheels. They do not belong, but also look ugly. Something for the new owner, because this piece of British automobile history is for sale. A bid above £ 25.000,00 is being searched for. Do you have a possible interest? First consult your bank account, your money box or your always friendly bank manager. Is it all right, that is, if you can pay for something like this, then contact us and we will pass on your telephone number and / or e-mail address to the seller. If the car has not been sold in the meantime, it will be waiting until news comes from Great Britain ...

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