Austin A70 Hereford

Austin A70 Hereford, are there still in the Netherlands or Belgium?
As a successor to the A70 Hampshire, Austin introduced its successor to A1950 Hereford in 70. A class car for the higher market segment, nicer lines, a more voluptuous appearance, graceful grille, but still on the prewar - loose - chassis of the Hampshire.

Driven by a four-cylinder measuring almost 2200 cc, the driver with a bigger heart was able to push the castle to almost 130 kilometers per hour. If the A70 Hampshire still had mechanical brakes, the driver of the Hereford was assured - seated on genuine leather - of hydraulic drum brakes all around. In addition to the 4 door Saloon, Austin also had an 2 door Coupé and 'n' Woody 'Estate' Countryman 'in the delivery program, as well as an attractive Cabriolet and a Pickup for the hard worker. Despite all the praising words and reactions, the fire went out after 48.640 Saloons in 1954 under the croquettes. Allegedly - and according to information obtained from the registers of the DVLA, the British National Road Administration - there are only 34 Saloons alive in the UK, four Coupes, four Estates and five Pickups alive. Which means that of the total production of the Saloon, only 0,07 percent has survived the test of time. The Austin A70 Hereford is of course also built with a left handlebar and delivered worldwide. In the Netherlands too. Is there someone in our country - or Belgium who has such an A70 (type BS3) in the stables? Please send your response to the editor. Preferably with a photo! We are very curious.

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Austin A70 Hereford, are there still in the Netherlands or Belgium?

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  1. Good evening,

    No hereford but an A70 Hampshire from 1950 in my possession, came to the Netherlands in 1955 and if that time stood in a dry, warm environment. Complete, very and hard car that is therefore super suitable for restoration. for your information.

    Yours faithfully,
    Edwin Nap

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