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06-2700 8306 (Aloys Smits)At the end of the story ...

Each of us sometimes thinks about dying and what might come next.

Maybe not very pleasant to think about, sometimes also confronting if you are dealing with a family member who has reached his / her final stage of life, or if you yourself are seriously ill.

But we will all sooner or later have to deal with it, the curtain will fall one day ...

Questions such as: should burial or cremation be carried out, what kind of coffin should it become? Perhaps the desired type of funeral car with a certain color is still known, but people often don't get further.

Funeral wishes are very personal, certainly not easy to imagine exactly what you would like. Perhaps also because you simply do not know what is possible.

Have you ever thought that a funeral in its entirety can and may be dominated by the lifestyle or hobby of the deceased loved one?

If a lifestyle or hobby plays a prominent role in a person's life, it can be wonderful to have it reflected in the funeral.

For example, it can be central to the funeral card, funeral transport, location and the decoration thereof, (decoration of) the coffin, music and video images, the flower arrangements and in the further interpretation of the funeral.

Whether the lifestyle or hobby is a subtle or full theme in the funeral, or perhaps you prefer sober and simple, your personal wishes are central when arranging the funeral.

And at, for example, -uitvaart people are very convinced about this. Aloys Smits has his roots in the classic, motorcycle and rock world and he noticed a lack of suitable farewell opportunities within the groups of like-minded people.

06-2700 8306 (Aloys Smits)

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