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It is not all bad news that comes from Brussels, we heard yesterday evening that Manneke Pis turns out to be one of the most disappointing tourist attractions, now the Council of the European Union has voted against MOT motorcycles. The entire MOT proposal submitted by the European Commission has been adjusted.

The MAG has done a good job with regard to the Dutch part and brought the protest to the media attention. For example, thousands of motorcyclists traveled to Brussels on September 22 to protest against the European MOT. That certainly made an impression, we think. In addition, the MAG, in collaboration with the FEMA, conducted an extensive political lobby that now seems to be bearing fruit.

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MAG Secretary Dolf Willigers is delighted:The discussion is not yet complete because we do not expect the European Commission to agree, but the chance that countries without MOT for motorcycles (such as the Netherlands) may stick to their own laws and regulations and will not be adopted by Europe The obligation to introduce a completely pointless and costly motor inspection is now greater than ever. "

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  1. Anyone who ryds on a classic motorbike will be keen to ride with slippery tires, and poor brakes, or poor maintenance. ryd himself on a magna, but tires and brakes must be 100% good. so that apk ???? vlouwenkul. just money. And then, most have it for the summer months. [and the summer does not last that long] john

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