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Most durable generator ever: OM601 from Mercedes-Benz

Most durable generator ever: OM601 from Mercedes-Benz

The reporters of your favorite magazine rush through the entire country with great speed to gather the latest news about classics and youngtimers for you. Recently, the undersigned does that per 200 D. Or that the topicality of your body magazine benefits?

In terms of news value, this epistle may not be very interesting, but I still wanted to make it public: I let myself be persuaded to participate in the hype called 'tax-free Mercedes W124 diesel'. A Bordeaux red 200 D has been on the trail since yesterday. For the purists: he is 540 Barolo red with 071 black fabric interior and the little beetle has eaten just under two tons. If you start it then you know that the block is built for eternity, but it doesn't have much to do with 72 PK under the right foot.

On the route Amsterdam - Apeldoorn vice versa, your reporter scored an average consumption of 1 on 16,5, but had to brave seven light signals and three middle fingers. Soit. A knee that watches that. Quietly, my oil stick strummed the A1 up and down in fourth gear and gave me a wonderfully soothing feeling. The feeling that old-time diesels can give you, if you are open to it. Unbelievable that this car is almost a quarter of a century old. even more incredible that the car only absorbs 105,00 per year at fixed costs. Since there are only a few tens of thousands of them made between 1985 and 1986, the rest of the Netherlands must grind their teeth to see how I almost get through traffic diesel for free.

The moral of this story: from now on the current news comes a bit slower than you were used to. But it certainly comes.

Chris de Raaf.

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