All BMWs on Euro E10

Earlier we informed you that the classic world will soon be unpleasantly surprised by new gasoline Euro 95 E10 hot. Ten percent of bioethanol is then added to that gasoline.

On the French Autoroutes you can only refuel, Euro 95 is no longer available. Such go juice is absolutely unsuitable for classics. Initially it was claimed that this E10 was suitable for all cars equipped with a three-way catalytic converter and fuel injection after 1990. However, 'early' direct-injection engines from Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Audi, with construction years between 2000 and 2006, absolutely cannot tolerate that gasoline. Also for 'noble beetles' from before 1997 it is definitely not recommended. For French and Italian cars from before 2000, we would like to ask your dealer or importer. BMW said, however, that no problem is to be expected regardless of the year of construction ... And yet we would be extremely careful, because something as simple as a leaking or exploded fuel hose can just cause a nice (...) fire ...

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