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More than necessaryWhen should you have the alignment checked?
Balancing a tire

Alignment & balancing of the tires

Does your car pull to the left or to the right if you release the steering wheel on a straight road? Then it's time to have your alignment checked. Alignment means that the suspension parts are adjusted front and rear. An incorrect adjustment of the alignment can cause premature wear of the tires.

The alignment must be checked if:

  • You have had a collision.
    A curb or something touched
    Your tires show signs of abnormal or irregular wear.
    Problems with steering or handling of the car:
    Your car pulls or swivels to one side.
    Your steering wheel does not return to the center position after turning, or is turned when driving on a straight road.
    You buy a new set of tires and want to drive them for as long as possible.
    You replace a part of the suspension.

Unique alignmentWhy is alignment so important?
For most cars, the alignment is provided in such a way that wear and load are kept to a minimum and the driver and passenger can enjoy optimum comfort. Correct alignment of the 4 wheels ensures that the tires wear less quickly. They last longer, deliver better performance and also help you save fuel. The alignment also improves handling and safety because your car will pull less or turn to the side.

What is the difference between tire alignment and balancing?
Tire alignment and balancing are often confused but are two completely different concepts: Adjusting the alignment or geometry of the car means that the wheels are adjusted until they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Balancing a tire means that the wheel can roll without your car vibrating at certain speeds.
Bugatti_T-35C, alignment, trackingHow is it possible that an alignment is disrupted?
The alignment can be disrupted if you bump into a curb or drive through a pit or, worse, if you are involved in an accident. Kerbstones want to be annoying on the circuit. In short, every time your car crashes into something, the alignment can get disrupted. Incorrect alignment causes the tires to wear out faster and has an effect on the handling of your car. You will therefore have to replace your tires sooner than foreseen.
A small disruption can cause serious problems

Correct alignment guarantees optimum road holding and a maximum service life of your tires.

Dhe main reasons for correct alignment:

  • You drive more economically
    Your tires will last longer
    Your car drives easier thanks to the lower rolling resistance of the tires

How long does an alignment take? How much is it?
A front or rear alignment can usually be performed in approximately 30 minutes.
Ask your tire specialist how much an alignment costs. During the alignment, the tires are checked according to the specifications of the car manufacturer. Expressions such as spurs, spurs or positive or negative wheel flights sound worse than they are. Alignment is a very simple job for a tire specialist.

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