Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

alfa romeo 2600 sprint
The bodywork was also designed at Bertone

The Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint - with bodywork designed by Bertone - has only been in production for four years. In that period, hardly any 7.000 units rolled out of the factory gates. The lion's share of it no longer exists. Eaten up by the rust or completely flat, the rest is now with enthusiasts or owners who have 'forgotten' such a thing. Such as the one shown here.

A real barn find (...) has been stored for at least three decades. Is still completely complete. Except for the keys of the doors and ignition lock at least. The six-seater with two overhead camshafts mounted in such an Alfa Romeo could propel the 2600 to a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour, accelerated from a standstill to the 100 kilometers per hour in almost 9 seconds and could compete with the sports cars from then. Also in terms of sound, just wonderfully fast. The right-hand-drive model shown here has a little more than a ton (in kilometers!) On the counter and has minimal rust damage. Nevertheless, you should have had well-filled bags to bring it back to life and not just because of the substantial asking price of almost 25 mille in euros ... Parts are also not to very difficult to find. It has been a while since we saw this car. So if he's still there?

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