Air filters

It is strange, as a classic enthusiast, that like a real one Auto Motor Klassiek The reader is fit, tinkers with his classic, changes the oil, replaces the oil filters, sets the valves, overhauls the brakes, carries out service, forgets in many cases to replace the air filter or air filters…

You suddenly notice that you only have to use the choke for a very short while, while the freezer was 'off' for much longer, and if it is warm, there is little fut in the engine, the machine even skips regularly and eventually shuts off if it has to run for a longer period of time - although that is also relative - stationary. And you search why. The ignition is determined with great enthusiasm, spark plugs are replaced, because it must be due to it, screwed to the carburetor (s). The problem is mostly in the air filter. Strangely enough, it always turns out to be the child of the bill. Once a new one is installed, it suddenly goes like a rocket and moreover suddenly runs (...) very economically ... Story of this story: air filters replaced on time!

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