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On you can read everything about classic cars and motorbikes. Every day we publish new articles about classic cars and motorbikes. Plenty of descriptions, technology, events, new rules & legislation and everything else that concerns classic aficionados.

Every day, is viewed and read by thousands of visitors. A great opportunity for you as a company or association to increase your brand awareness, promote a new product or to draw attention to an upcoming event.

Due to the flexibility, interaction and targeted reach, online advertising on is a valuable addition to advertising in Auto Motor Klassiek. You bring your message to a very large group of classic enthusiasts in a simple and cost-efficient way and you have the opportunity to interact with your target group. Moreover, the result is directly measurable, handy!

We have therefore listed a few interesting options for you.

Would you rather advertise in Auto Motor Klassiek? Then you will find more information about that here.

We can also put together packages where we combine the benefits of both.

Sponsored message (highest value)

A sponsored message is a text by you or one of the Auto Motor Klassiek editors written about you, your company or your products and / or services. Such a message reads as an editorial article, is usually between the 3-500 words long and may contain 1 link to the advertiser's website or generally informative.

  • Inclusion in the daily newsletter with on 24-10-2019 already more than 14.000 subscribers who have subscribed specifically for it and growing with a few dozen subscribers per day.
  • Social media push on our Facebook page with a link to the article and your website.
Price € 599 flat fee, you pay once and the item is guaranteed to remain for one year. (Without extras, so only the message on the site: € 399,50)
  • Very high attention value
  • Manufactured by one of our editors
  • Wide reach
  • Brand awareness
  • High user interaction
  • Sponsored within our fanbase page, € 12,50 per thousand people reached.
  • State € 100 on the Facebook group of old-timer enthusiasts
  • State € 299 on the Facebook group of vintage cars



Super format, header of the page
970 × 90 pixels, € 7,95 CPM (1000 page views)
  • High attention value
  • Increase name and brand awareness
  • Action / Conversion / Leads
  • Creative freedom


Sidebar homepage, standard pages and messages
300 × 250 pixels, € 5 CPM (1000 page views)
  • High attention value, especially when placed in the head
  • Increase name and brand awareness
  • Creative freedom

content banner

Is placed at the bottom of the daily articles. Only
€ 99 per year flat fee, per item. 620 x 200 pixels
  • High attention value,
  • Increase name and brand awareness
  • Goal Oriented

Social media

Auto Motor Klassiek has built up a large and loyal fan base of Dutch and Flemish classic fans in the years that she has been present on social media. Not only on the active Facebook page classiccars01, where new publications appear daily. But also on Auto Motor Klassiek affiliated fan groups including Oldtimer enthusiasts, Youngtimer aficionados and Oldtimerstekoop. We are also present on other social networks, although less large.

Social media push

Sponsored messages, promotions, previews

On the classiccars01 Facebook page: € 12,50 / thousand people reached (excluding any items / cards to be raffled off)
Listed on the Facebook group classic car enthusiasts € 100 Listed on the Facebook group classic car purchase € 199
  • Wide reach
  • Build up goodwill
  • High user interaction

Daily newsletter

Our newsletters are read daily by many thousands of interested enthusiasts. In our newsletters there are various options for promoting your company or product.

Advertising in the daily newsletter

Banner in the daily newsletter € 199 at a time. We publish a maximum of 1 banner at a time, thus guaranteeing optimum visibility.

Please contact us for more information. You can click on the advertising department via the selection menu.

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