"Acheter" is buying. AV is 'for sale'


Yesterday was about finding and buying classics in Croatia. “That's great, but I don't understand those people. I always go to France. ” "Do you speak French then?" "No. Or hardly. ” That had to sink in for a while. But the holidays are coming again. So go ahead.


"Acheter une voiture classique en France"

Buying a classic in France. You can do that by going to a French classic specialist who speaks more than just his native language. Then you can buy a classic car or motorcycle. But before you go to the French classic country, it is interesting to do a price comparison between our country and France. You will see that many reasonably accepted classics are cheaper here than in France. For many of the approximately 100 brands manufactured in France itself, that comparison is somewhat more difficult.


Older diesels are also difficult to trade in France

Take a look around on the internet

Even if your French is only moderate. After all, we all use the same euros? AV stands for a vendre: for sale. The price is 'le prix'. 'Prix à debatre' stands for price in consultation. And 'dans son jus' is unrestored, sometimes with so much patina that it makes you sad.

The French internet is slow

To actually score a French classic, a few things are important to know. Firstly, the internet in the French countryside, whether hilly or mountain-strewn, has not yet penetrated the system as it is.

The speed of the local network can often best be compared with the stroll of a tired hiker. Another factor is the far-reaching aging of the out-of-urban areas. And France has a huge amount of suburban area.

And there in that desolation

So there are still many, often some eccentric gray people who wait for the end of time without the Internet. The men who were adolescents or early adolescents just after WWII grew up while standing in their left war goods.

In the sixties and seventies, such men had often crystallized into collectors who gathered up cars and motorcycles that were left everywhere for little money. Because even a Facel Vega or an Alpine with some damage was once just a thing worth a few thousand Francs. And that was at the time that a Franc was about thirty cents.

Strangers are threatening, even scary

These kinds of collectors, who are now elderly, are still under the radar. They are often withdrawn and distrustful of strangers. And for older Frenchmen, anyone who is in a hurry, focused or direct and who doesn't speak French is suspicious. And strange.

That is why we occasionally help people who go hunting in France or have found something special. We employ a few French-speaking freelancers who do more than speak French. They know the French cultures know that our much-praised directness in doing business is seen by the French as enormous bone, crap and farmers. As an example: There is a process of four years in which we quietly massage such an old collector until he decides to award a number of pieces from his collection to the one who has been following it for so long. But because that is about a few vehicles that are now, after restoration, worth tons.

A few things count for buying a classic in France

AU must speak reasonably French in any case. For that you can go to the non-profit 'Alliance Française', for example, which gives accessible courses throughout the country. French is an easier language than Serbo Croatian.

When purchasing from a private individual BU must take into account that you can only convince the selling party after a few meetings and dinner that it is appropriate to say goodbye to his property.

C Importing a classic from France takes some time, a little effort and some money. But it has since been done so often that it is a completely transparent matter.

Did you know that there is also a constant stream of classics that runs from France to the Netherlands?

So just buying here is still the best option.
It also saves a lot of hassle with languages ​​and things ...

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But that goes from the Netherlands to Nice



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  1. Well, the attitude and mentality of a Dutch person can be endlessly debated. Do realize that you are not so well prized outside the Netherlands. Just the fact that there is a cautious response in France to yet another arrogant Dutchman should make you think. Have you ever heard how a Dutchman's French sounds? Who, wherever it arrives, looks down on everything as if it were his property, replies to every comment with 'Well', followed by the pedantic finger. Guide country, you know…. Just do it, that's crazy enough. And speak a language as it should be, only then can you do decent business….

  2. I went to evening school two years ago to learn French for my work and vacation and I can say: another world opens up and you are greeted like a lost son

  3. Dear Dolf,

    where is the Simca 1100 for sale somewhere?
    I used to have one of those too, but because of a change it was sold for a price to a Frenchman ... never heard of it again, and now I want it back ... nostalgia. 0.0. you understand ? grts

  4. Going to la douce France with an (old) French otot and sticking the NL flag across helps to tie hands and feet with gingerbread French calls. The following applies to me: ALWAYS start in French and apologize that your French is bad. Many (also more fossil) Fransoos is a bit proud that he / she speaks some English. NEVER start in Dutch or German. NL is similar in tone to German. German still evokes a more bitter taste, especially with older French people. Furthermore, they are just like normal people.

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