A strange bad luck case

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The Apeldoorns Kanaal are in the middle of the night with transmission problems. On-board tools no longer help there and only the roadside assistance is called.

And the WegenWacht called the towing service. Because pulling a gear ball loose in a parking lot is not possible. A salvage car was called and the driver from Garage Luuk Bosma from Apeldoorn delivered me free of charge. Nicely. A WegenWacht membership is fantastic.

The misery seemed clear to him. The same evening I put my problem on Ask the Web. There were - as almost always - two responses quickly. Nanko had experience that the nut on the outgoing shaft at Guzzi's sometimes wanted to start for itself. That seemed like a friendly solution to the problem: tightening, securing.

Regional nut, Moto Guzzi connoisseur and driver Jan Keijzers' tip was that the cause could also lie deeper. And that would turn out to key gynecologists sitting in a frame and block in the frame. Not a nice idea!

Rear wheel and rear fork have been dismantled. And the gear turned. The link did it too. That was a moment for a Pilspause in the sun on King's Day.

To think a bit, first some order was created in the garage. When the rear wheel was moved, something fell to the ground with a “PING!”. The gear ring of the driver was broken off. The discoloration on the fault flag suggested that he had taken the time to do so.

The phenomenon was reported back to Ask the Web to the advisers and Jan Keijzer, who has already experienced a lot of characterful quirks of the thick Italian V-twins, stopped by to look at the matter. The rest of the driver was scooped out of the rubbers with four screwdrivers and we went to the web shop of Guzzi Specialst TLM from Nijmegen. There is also the entire world of used Moto Guzzi parts online and a good driver was of course among them. For a well-arranged amount. While the people from TLM were undoubtedly all comfortable in their respective beds, the item was tipped into the virtual shopping cart ...

The lesson behind this story: in the case of incomprehensible malfunctions, look for impossible causes. And that, of course, does not only apply to Moto Guzzis

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