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A Ferrari GTO for 48.000.000

Ferrari gto
Even the scale models are already expensive!

Classic prizes: the madness at its best

A classic has recently been sold. A not unkind Ferrari. A Ferrari 250 GTO. And what did that thing yield? $ 48.400.000. More than forty-eight million dollars. And whether such a FIAT with kapsones (with apologies, it is to put the matter firmly on) is worth it? Apparently. The buyer has no doubt put it in a safe in the hope of reselling it for $ 50.000.000 + in a year. Because this kind of trade has of course nothing to do with the love for classics, but everything with the hunger for more and more money.

Now, almost all of us have always had the misfortune that the Really Expensive classics have always been priceless for 'us'. They were even when they were new. Our American friend Clifton A. Ogburn was able to buy a Ferrari GTO for $ 6.500 during his studies - he is now Ph.D at rest. He abandoned the purchase when he delved into the costs of keeping such an exotter moving. And bought a Ford Mustang. So let's resign ourselves to our limitations and stick to the saying of my grandmother blessed: “You can dance, though not with the bride. We will keep it on our scale model for the time being. That was also quite pricey by the way.

$ 18.000 was expensive

When the 250 GTO came on the market in 1962, it cost $ 18.000 in the United States. And that while the FIAT 500 buttons and levers were used. 1962 cars were produced in 1963 / 36. A second series was unveiled in 1964, which was only slightly modified in appearance compared to the original. Only three copies of this second edition were built, and four original copies were converted to the newer model.

According to The Times, a GTO in 1988 raised $ 2.000.000 at an auction

In 1989, a top year in the sale of classic cars, a man from Japan bought an 250 GTO for $ 14.600.000. In 1991, the market had cooled down and an 250 GTO was sold for $ 5.500.000 in Las Vegas. In 2008, Chris Evans, an English presenter, bought an 250 GTO from the chairman of Samsung Electronics for a record amount of £ 15.700.000 or $ 28.500.000. In recent years, prices for many popular Ferraris continue to rise. For example, an American billionaire has deposited 35 million dollars at an auction for the Ferrari 250 GTO on 31 in May 2012.

And in the meantime we are on thick 48.000.000 dollars.
And the ever less wanted Ferraris are also being sold for more and more.

Concerning the less exotic classics, the Dutch market is fortunately still fairly friendly.

And remember that the prices in this sector are asking prices. The purchase of a whole set of French magazines also taught this holiday that Dutch classic prices are 'low'. It is not for nothing that we are regularly asked to mediate between French-speaking prospective buyers and Dutch sellers. In addition, it is regularly noticeable that those who are interested are over 50.

And those in France are the people who have money but no knowledge of the English language. Possibly younger attendees, say people under 30, have apparently developed their language knowledge through gaming. But that really does not make the matter much clearer.

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We will stick to scale models for the time being. Consult your local specialist. This model is from MFH



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