A farewell letter….

It has been nice, the plug goes out!        

After 77 years, De Leertent stops in Amsterdam.

De Leertent Motorkleding was founded by Joop Veenendaal on 1 January 1935. He himself was an avid motorcyclist, but he was not always able to buy suitable clothing. As a driver at HEMA, he traveled throughout the country, so also regularly in the Langstraat in Brabant. Buying leather, lining fabrics and haberdashery was no problem at the time. He taught himself how to make himself, but he also 'learned' at Kobus in Utrecht.

The name was created by the combination of camping tents, leather clothing and tent as a synonym for store. Joop died in 1981. In the past 77 years the course has always been adjusted and adjusted by supply and demand. That has never changed. That is precisely why the plug will now be pulled out.

I, Rolf Veenendaal took over the business in 1975. The film Easy Rider changed acceptance and especially the style of motorcycling in a direct sense. Now I am 60 and have been in the store for 44 for years. I have seen many stores and brands coming and going again. We always did the store in its own way. Never screaming, never a lot of fuss, but with its own critical purchasing policy, always in the interest of the customer. Often trendsetting, sometimes following trends.

There are no natural successors, but I would not advise them to take over. In the near future there is no room for retail as it was once intended. Unfortunately? We will know soon. The Learning Tent was 'Old-Skool' and therefore against online sales. Individual approach and advice are virtually eliminated. Find out at another store and buy later, from home or abroad, via the Internet. Always cheaper, it seems. After Sales? No idea. So for the time being the Bricks & Clicks for fellow retailers. Then a fight with too low a margin.

Internet has great benefits, but in The End: It kills us all!

In 1995 we started with wholesale under the name Cowhide Company Distribution. The ROOF helmets from France are the main component. We will continue the wholesale from another, as yet unknown, location.


I want to thank you for the good times we've had,


Yours faithfully,


Rolf Veenendaal

The last day is still open Saturday 20 April 2013.

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