Russian classics will stay here

Russian classics
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Yesterday we talked about all those classics being brought back to their respective countries of origin

Russian classics are outside of that trend. Because despite the fact that in the former USSR nowadays there are also a lot of people with (sometimes an insane amount of) money, there are no signs yet that they exported their M72'2, Urals and Dneprs and Ladas in large numbers to Germany and the Netherlands for a lot of money. want to buy back. It is the reason for the fact that we can still drive cheap (often almost for nothing) Russian classics.

They don't want to be seen on it

Firstly, Rich Russians have only recently become rich. They do not have any historical awareness. They only want the most expensive and the newest from Europe and America. Second, there are economics under the then plan heeeel made many motorcycles. And if we look outside the center of Moscow, we see that many of those former communist two and tricycles are still just daily transportation. Out of poverty. And a Ural or Dnepr with a powered sidecar is a big possession for small Russian farmers. No matter how rickety and tired such a thing may be. Because with a sidecar combination with driven sidecar wheel you can pull a team. With so much poverty no Rich Russian wants to be identified.

The standard Russian engine was and is also a machine that looks tough at best. Beauty and love for details are largely unknown within this movement where only KMZ (Dnepr) made more than 50.000 machines per year in its peak days. Because it was possible. There are still fields full of Dneprs never sold in the vicinity of the now abandoned factory complexes.

Craftsmanship was mastery

Add to this the fact that the build quality of Russian motorcycles was reasonable in the top days, but beyond all standards in the latter days. We saw a whole new Dnepr where the whole frame was just stitched, not canceled. The quality of the alloys declined after the XNUMXs. The machinery was empty. The employees were often just idle during their work. The only committed employees were women. In connection with the alcohol absorption of the men, these were increasing. But it didn't make things any better. We only have the greatest admiration for the Russian looking like a pleasantly plump peasant woman who took care of the bebiezing for the export jokes. Everything sleek, lightning fast and off the hook. Top!

Nothing twice

The first generation of imported Russian tricycles has in fact disappeared after a big trick. The things were obtained en masse as good as for free as return freight taken to the west. There they were enthusiastically turned over and fitted with BMW emblems… And sold for considerable sums to Americans with an Ostrich feeling of war. When that trick no longer worked, free entrepreneurs started selling the parts of M72s as Original BMW Teile. Again to Americans.

Later on, that trade also collapsed and Russians lost the full 100% worthless. We were at a German fair where a Russian with all his things had remained. He offered the full trailer load for a desperate $ 1200. After tough negotiations, the bidding party came to $ 400. The almost crying Russian didn't want to fall below $ 600. The bidder then shrugged and walked away ...

But perhaps…

Perhaps we will also experience that the inhabitants of the former Soviet states want to buy back their Russian classic heritage. Crazy things have happened. The Russian classics here are often lovingly trimmed and they are better and 'more beautiful' than they have ever been.

But for the time being it is still the case that the biggest dealer in old Russian motorcycles simply has his masterpieces restored on the spot. And that you can buy a motorcycle with the same historical value as the Harley WLAs and WLCs in top condition for a quarter of the price of a Harley in comparable condition ...

Oh yes: The whole story also goes far for the cars from that region and that time.

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