Opel Rekord 1900 Coupé. Spitzenclassse

Opel Rekord 1900 Coupe

GM wanted to emphasize the personal style and character of this combination of power and beauty. The Opel Rekord 1900 Coupé was for sporty 'daring'. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Even after 44 years, the appearance is still very attractive. Opel is still loved, the basis was laid with the golden times for the Kadett, the Ascona and the Rekords. This Opel Rekord 1900 Coupé is a survivor in a chic Berline version that we found in the Frisian village of Ee. 

His birth certificate indicates that he was registered in Germany and this was repeated in 2003 with a Dutch license plate. The beautiful line, the vinyl roof will put a smile on your face. The extra large lamps on the nose indicate that the owner may like to drive sportily. 

Would a lot of money be needed to keep the beautiful Opel Rekord 1900 coupe neat and rolling? This question remains unanswered, it is certain that one of the striking features is that the color completely fits into the current greening policy of the government. 

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