National Oldtimer Festival Zandvoort. Classic party on 31 July

The National Oldtimer Festival in Zandvoort takes place on 31 July 2016. The organizers have once again put together a rich and varied program. The Porsche Paddock, the classic races and the parades on the circuit are just a few ingredients of the classic menu at the National Oldtimer Festival in the seaside resort.

Inseparable. That description applies to Porsche and Circuit Park Zandvoort. The Porsche heritage glories within the free Porsche Paddock for visitors at the National Oldtimer Festival. But there are more cross-connections between Zandvoort and Zuffenhausen. The Porsche Club Racing participated in the National Oldtimer Festival. They will organize a few races this day at the circuit of Zandvoort. Every Porsche can participate in the races. Age and type play no role, while there is also no minimum experience curve for the drivers. Talking about racing: there is also a competition in which the German Morgan Sports Car Club Germany is central. The Legendary Circuits Series are also worth seeing again.

Club paddock and parades

There is more to experience at the National Oldtimer Festival in Zandvoort. Because many classic clubs with different brands will liven up the Club Paddock. In addition, for a fee, classic owners can experience for themselves what it is like to drive on the circuit. This can be done via a normal parade, where owners can ride a number of laps relaxed on the circuit. It is also possible to drive freely during the Recaro Track Time. Free driving has a more extensive character. This variant of driving on the Zandvoort circuit offers participants the opportunity to explore or push back their limits.

Meguiar's Concours d'Elegance

One of the things that we want to mention is the Meguiar's Concours d'Elegance at the National Oldtimer Festival. Visitors can have their car assessed by an expert jury led by appraiser Dennis Rietveld. And for the rest: music and numerous other activities will only provide an additional impulse to the experience atmosphere among those present.

You will find more information about this appealing event and the admission or participation fees here..

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