Muntz Jet

Muntz Jet

We do not need to ask you about the brand of the automobile shown here. A somewhat observant viewer sees the name on the left behind the lady: Muntz. It is a Muntz Jet that was shown in 1951 at the Chicago Auto Show. A little car connoisseur of course recognizes the Kurtis Kraft Sport in the Muntz, a creation by Frank Kurtis who thought he would launch his own sports car in 1950. 


After only 36 copies he was completely drained financially and knew 2 that same yeare hand car dealer and supplier of electrical appliances Earl - for intimatesMadman'- To interest Muntz in the project. Slightly modified. For example, the entire car was a bit longer to make it a four-seater, the Ford engine replaced by a Cadillac V8 and a little later by a considerably cheaper side-valve V8 from the (Ford) Lincoln, the Muntz Jet in Chicago saw public light. Unhindered by a lack of money, Earl Muntz had a new factory built in Glendale, California, to find a new home in Evanston in the state of Illinois shortly thereafter. Mind you, the coach was pulled out of aluminum, the removable winter hood was made of polyester. General Motors and the Ford Motor Company supplied the mechanical parts. Before that it was a fast car with a top speed of almost 175 kilometers per hour. But expensive. In the beginning something of more than $ 8.000. 


Despite the high price, they were sold well. For example, the dashboard was equipped with many clocks and switches (the buyers liked it) and the rear armrests could be opened on one side to act as a 'freezer', on the other side ice cubes could be stored for the then apparently indispensable alcoholic (?) refreshments. General Motors and the Ford Motor Company saw the storm hanging, shut down the parts valves and after having delivered more than 400 copies, Muntz was forced to close the doors at the start of 1954… A special car that is worth a small amount of power today. Earl Muntz switched to TVs. Large screens that could be selected in stores. Such a device was then brought home, installed, and two weeks later, the representative came by to check out or pick up the device. Most viewers turned out to be buyers. Muntz quickly made up for his loss.

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