Saturday: Hardenberg Motor Fair!

Hardenberg motorcycle fair

Hardenberg motorcycle fairHardenberg motorcycle fair. A regionally world-famous classic motorcycle fair that is structurally too far away for many Westerners.

And that is understandable: Even for people from the east of the country, Hardenberg is still a nasty way to the east.

However, for many German exhibitors and visitors it is a stone's throw from their home base. Visitors from the Randstad tend to get nervous about the local dialects and the common 'Platt Deutsch'. We have seen people there who had a profound communication problem. Especially because the relaxed salesman had left his teeth at home and started the conversation with a mouthful of hamburger.

Hardenberg motorcycle fairThe offer is always surprising. Once there were no less than 5 Honda C77 Dreams for sale in various conditions on five different stands. Sometimes suddenly there are a lot of stalls with the same range of tools.

There was once someone who put up a very large tent with fashionable motorcycle clothing and full-face helmets. He has not been selling anything for a whole day

But because Hardenberg also has a serious number of 'suppliers from its own shed or from the attic', the range is always varied and the price level is usually very people-friendly.

Add to this the fact that the admission price is low, and that the consumptions are affordable ...
That maybe the weather is nice on Saturday ...

And when it rains, local farmers make tractors available to pull sunken cars from the parking pasture in the mud.

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