Hollands Glorie from years 60 at the center during DAF Museumdays

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The sixties were an important period in history for our national car manufacturer DAF. DAF broke through in the 1960s in the area of ​​passenger cars. Models such as the 750, the 30-33 series, the 44 and the 55 put the Eindhoven brand on the map. They also formed a strong pillar alongside the transport division. DAF had already established its name within that branch of sport. It set new standards with the launch of the modern 2600 truck series. This coming weekend the DAF Museum will be reflecting on the heyday of the Eindhoven concern. It is organizing the 2016 edition of the DAF Museumdays.

Museum days inside and out

The beautiful museum in the City of Light has put a lot of effort into making the new Museum Days edition a special event once again. The DAF Museum Days are held in both the DAF Museum and the DAF outdoor area at Hugo van der Goeslaan 1 in Eindhoven. There is an exhibition on the outside area with classic DAFs. cars, buses and trucks, but also mopeds from the sixties such as Berini's, Kreidlers, Puchs, Zündapps and Tomos.

The DAF Museum this coming weekend is all about the sixties history of the Eindhoven manufacturer. Image: DAF Museum
The DAF Museum this coming weekend is all about the sixties history of the Eindhoven manufacturer. Image: DAF Museum

Market, permanent collection and Trucknasium

A market with documentation, brochures and models has been set up in the DAF Museum. Recently restored vehicles, including the unique VIPRE Semi-trailer bus, are presented. The permanent collection of such an 120 vehicle can also be admired. During the museum days there is an opportunity to visit the Trucknasium, the educational program of the DAF Museum. Here, supervisors explain the different modules on both days.

Ministerial visit

The Eindhoven museum is known for attaching value to the industrial and cultural heritage of DAF. People also value educational purposes. This combination is an important reason for the arrival of Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education, Culture and Science. She will visit the DAF Museum in Eindhoven on 2 October.

You can find more information about the admission prices and the locations on the website of the DAF Museum.

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