The holidays are approaching again. Time to shop for your Sint- or Christmas present? A subscription is of course always nice to give, especially for lovers of classic cars and motorcycles.

Good to know: If you order before December 8, the subscription will start with the January issue, which will be available to subscribers on December 17. So for Christmas. If you order after December 8, the subscription will start with the February issue. It comes out in January, so after the holidays. You can then tick the option 'plus a recent AMK', so that you can 'already' give a number with a nice voucher in your name.

Gift for the holidays

    Make one of the choices for the gift. The payer receives a possible recent AMK and the receipt.
    What should happen to the subscription after the first year has ended? Should the recipient be asked for an extension or should it just end after that first year.
  • These prices only apply to shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • The payer receives the recent number and the receipt, if any
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