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    the self-builders

    When a modern motorcyclist wants to show off his or her unique individuality? Then he or she simply checks off the option list that the manufacturer has made for his model. For a few brands, those option lists have grown into almost voluptuous books. If all that beauty is also mounted by the dealer, then even the warranty is retained. We find this approach a sign of weakness and so we came back to the corner of the self-builders. So a while ago we made an appeal to find out what still lives among us, classic enthusiasts. Sea

  • Mercedes-Benz C123 coupé in the C 123 (1977 to 1985) model series. Photo from 1980.

    Mercedes-Benz C123, stylish coupé

    In March 1977, Mercedes-Benz showed the new variant of the W123 at the Geneva Salon. The Mercedes-Benz sedan had become particularly successful within a year and provided an excellent basis for developing more variants. The coupé was the new variation on the theme in 1977. The Mercedes-Benz C123 was a balanced coupé in several respects. Sea

  • Opel Commodore AB 307571

    Opel Commodore A. Sporty six-cylinder luxury and triumph

    During the XNUMXs, the need for cars with high-performance six-cylinder engines grew. In West Germany in particular, the car with a six-cylinder on board was considered a prestige object. Opel did not miss that either. Rüsselsheim had already built up quite a reputation with the large KAD-Opels. At the same time, the gap between the large Opel models and the […] Sea

  • Dolf at Frank

    Back to square one – column

    Some of us have many of our best dreams and memories from the late XNUMXs and XNUMXs. That was the time when Honda made motorcycling an acceptable pastime worldwide. And the time when the fast learning Japanese motorcycle makers became the absolute market leaders. The Japanese made high-tech motorcycles that were complete, […] Sea

  • Commer

    Commer 'Walk Thru' (1969) by Henk Zuidema. Family feeling.

    Keeping an old-timer club alive and kicking isn't easy, any more than driving a classic vehicle. As chairman of the Commer club, Henk is very happy that there are still 40 Commers in the club that are roadworthy and another 40 with a sleeping or suspended license plate. Henk has now been 'promoted' to retirement, which should above all mean that there is more time for the classic hobby.  Sea

  • Peugeot 403 Pickup (1960)

    Peugeot 403 Pickup (1960) by Eberhard. Practical workhorse.

    Eberhard is of the new generation (33 years old) old-timer owners who are taking over from the older generation. What does remain the same through the generations is that the underlying idea is often the use of free time that gives pleasure and relaxation. For Eberhard, this Peugeot 403 Pickup is a fun adventure, the social aspect is important, the […] Sea

  • Mazda323 1979 Action 23 high res

    Mazda 323, the first generation. A trailblazer.

    The compact hatchback from Japan immediately enjoyed enormous popularity. Ever since the introduction of the 1000/1300 successor (the first Mazda 323 rolled off the production line in January 1977). And in February 1977, the 323 made its European debut in the country that loves the concept of “a lot of car for a competitive price”… the Netherlands. The place of performance was the Amsterdam Auto RAI. Sea

  • Corsa LS
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    Opel Corsa and the Christmas Eve of 1997

    I had imagined the beginning of Christmas Eve 1997 differently. Suddenly I found myself in the backseat of a 1985 Toyota Corolla. There I was sandwiched between a few Surinamese Hindu teenagers. And I had one more on my lap. The family was on their way from Leeuwarden to The Hague, to […] Sea

  • IMG 2012

    Zündapp Janus. Dwarf car in mirror image.

    It's the fifties. After the Second World War, the economy continued to improve. It went well for the people. They got more money to spend and wanted something different than the daily transport by motorcycle, through all kinds of weather. Germany is rising and the automotive industry is recovering. It is the time of […] Sea

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